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Dont buy anything from naaptol. I got one used product from them. And heard some bad reviews that they dont ship items in time and have not refund money.

And Regarding Snapdeal, the packaging is poor sometimes. I bought an external HD and KIS 2013 from them, the packaging for the Hard disk was so good, but the packaging for Kaspersky was pathetic, The CD inside was broken into parts. :-|

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ITDepot, Prime ABGB, SMC International.

Avoid FK for mechanical hard drives. Way WAY too many complaints are piling up of DOA, including the drives that they send as replacement- for both internal and external. For other stuff, I didn't hear any issues.

In any case, try to buy from a store as much as possible and ensure you get a proper bill with serial numbers in any condition. Some of these dealers and distributors have ebay and equivalent presence, but they sell higher than what they sell in real world or via their website because people use discount coupons.


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According to my experience If you have Coupons then only buying online is cheaper otherwise always i got lower price offline.


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Yes, dear Coldbreeze16, I agree on the same query you put over this discussion but one thing more nowadays getting super cheap deal via different shopping website is trendy, many Price Comparison Websites is now on way too, First I used to prefer Online Shopping but now I'd love to recommend to first compare prices which leads you to smart & cheap deal.
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