Hard Disk problem

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For the past one day my Hard disk has been making a strang noice ie. of BUZZZZiiing

it is not that loud so as to be heard in the day but it is definitely not usual to my system.

i mean my hard disk never made such a noice.

Its a Samsung 40 GB Hard Disk..... :shock:

Will this cause any damage in future and is there a curative measure.

Plz help.


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Hmmmm... Ur had disk is about take a nose dive...

Try running some diagnostics and check...

Ther's every chance of ur harddisk gettin crashed after a few days...


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Nitin u try running some diagonis like scandisk in thorough mode or deframgentation from norton utilities etc
and yes monitor ur hdd using utility frm is thread
HOPE it wont get crashed as said by shariq_pj
Dont take chances better back up ur important data in CDs
Eventhough i feel tht ur HDD is fine only a minute noise is still OK and ur HDD will last for abt minimum for 3 year.
Yes do take care tht u dont Fully format ur HDD
coz i had heard tht quick format dont coz ware & tear of HDD but full format does sometimes
also u can check the following thread for HDD formatting issue


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Its not Probably But Definately on its way for a death and Rest In Peace situation coz the same thing happened with my 40 GB PATA Samsung HDD and now i hv purchased a new Seagate 160 GB SATA HDD for Rs.4500/-

Please backup ur Data and Do not spend time in thinking as to wat shud be done to correct ur HDD problem coz the next time u start ur PC, it might not even boot. Im not scaring u brother but jus a alearting signal.

For a curative measure,u can giv it to the Service Center for repair (but that will not help u much) as after 1 year u will face the same problems again.Try it and giv ur best shot. Best of Luck.

NB: As of now my old Samsung 40 GB PATA HDD is used as a Paper weight...... :wink:

Cheers n e-peace...


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samsung harddisks are quiet famous for that,one of my friends had similar problems,he just dumped it and got a new HDD(segate 80GB) 8)
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