watching movies on TV

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is it possible to see movies on Tv instead of monitor. I am using 845GV motherboard which has inbuild display card without TV OUt. My PC got internal TV tuner card, i wannna know, using this card, can i see movies stored in HDD on TV (big screeen :shock: )??????

If yes, please let me know, i am using PIXELView card. On card manual or on card, there is no pin as TV OUT


Cyborg Agent
If u have no tv out, then you can't watch pc on tv. Buy a video card or tv tuner card with tv out.


Broken In
or else
you can go for a Graphic card.

GF FX 5200 XFX 256 MB(3000/-)
this will support all the upcoming games also you can watch TV.Worth buying.i have one.
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