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I have a HP Pavilion t560i (3 GHz, 512 RAM, Intel 865g mobo). I bought a BIG Geforce 6600 GT AGP Version (128 MB DD3 video memory) today to replace my Geforce 5200 XT. When I plugged it in and it was working just fine. But suddenly my cabinet started giving a current. Yeah I got to know that afer getting an electric shock when I touched a metallic part!!

Panicking, I quickly turned the computer off and unplugged all the cables. However, there was still a lot of static charge there. I waited for 5 mins but the current was still there. Then I kind of moved my cabinet and the current suddenly went away. Quite sure that my new graphics card is messing things up, I replaced it with my Gefore 5200. However, the current still comes in intervals (when I move the cabinet again). What might be the problem?? A loose connection?

Please note that the 6600 GT had to be connected the SMPS. However the 5200 didn't need this. Does the problem lie here?


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check the earthing first. and also ckeck if there is any Current by using a tester and not by touching the cabinet with your hand. If you dont find any current leak from the tester after many trials then i guess its Static electricity. Even i get a shock after sitting for many hours and then touch a metalic part. I suggest you to get a proffesional help if problem persists.


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Can it be due to some kind of an overload becuase I connected a more power hungry card? (trying not to sound lame!!)


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Your comp is not earted properly... test the earth opin on the wall socket and the power cord, also check if the live and neutral are reversed in the wall socket

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check the wiring in ur house and also the socket.
i too had a similar problem and the socket had a problem.


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Its surely an earthing problem.
If u overload something, most probably it will get fried but im sure it will not produce any shocks.


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It must be related to earthing. Get ur earthing checked by electician. Earlier I had also a problem I was facing geting socks from my monitor and it got correct when my earthing was fixed
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