1. K

    Printer sharing error over LAN on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 & Windows 11

    Hello friends, I'm recently facing error 0x00000709 while sharing local printers over LAN on client PCs. The printers are working fine on host computers. The problem is happening only on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 & Windows 11 OS. Windows 7 machines are working just fine. I have total 112...
  2. Desmond

    Short Films Thread

    This thread is dedicated to sharing interesting short movies on the web. To start off, here are a few I like:
  3. chimera201

    Japan ethers UN's proposal to ban media that depict violence against women

    Randomly encountered this piece on the internet. Thought about sharing.
  4. T

    Sharing 1 printer to 2 networks

    I got two networks in my office...1 internet & other is organizations intranet....All my colleague's PCs run on intranet & currently i m sharing my printer only on intranet where other users of my organization can access my printer.... i want to share it with the internet pc also which sits...
  5. mohityadavx

    Suggestion Needed for Setting up File Sharing System at University

    Hey Folks, Well at our university we do not have any file sharing system in place, and we are trying to convince the IT Department to put one in place. Since, they are not keen on implementing one or maybe they are just clueless (which is a real possibility) about file sharing systems in...
  6. D

    lumia 640 XL | internet sharing isn't currently available | after update

    Just a new phone. Everything was perfect, then after the last update, hotspot is not working at all. I use Airtel and Vodafone. Internet sharing works over "bluetooth", but whenever I tried over Wifi, it gave me the error "internet sharing isn't currently available". I've tried almost everything...
  7. T

    Wireless Data Sharing

    Wireless data sharing is a concept that is settling down with the time, and more and more people are switching to such data sharing habits. With evolved wireless data sharing devices, other premium functions are also adding up the list, like you can now even charge your phone or can access a...
  8. K

    Sharing Internet on all PC's...

    Internet connection sharing on Pc's ? Hello guys i have made a small setup with 7PCs connected on a LAN switch (TP-Link 8 port) i have given static IP's to them 192.168.0.X and so on with a default gateway. Now i have got a new internet connection whose cable is directly connected to one...
  9. 1

    Advice: Lumia 720 Lumia 630 or the Moto G

    Hi all Digitians, I am on the look out for a new smart phone in the 10-15k range. My priorities are as follows 1. Good Durability 2.Battery life 3. Reliability 4. After Sales 5.Music 6.File sharing 7.Documents. I am planning to use the phone for about 1-1.5 years and then plan to...
  10. Raaabo

    The Big Bang Theory, in all seriousness!

    Given the past behaviour of some members, I figured might as well start this thread in Fight Club... In case you haven't already read about it: Stephen Hawking claims victory in Big Bang bet - Telegraph...
  11. N

    Tired of unable to understand this file sharing thing

    Hey friends, i simply sick of messing around with homegroups and file sharing procedures. I m having one laptop on Win8 64 bit and other laptop on Win 7 Home Premium. I want to share a folder specifically with my other laptop. Please some one help me whats the difference in homegroup and how...
  12. A

    always enable interent sharing

    I have an ethernet based internet connection, available in my college. I often create a hotspot. To enable internet sharing on that hotspot, i have to repeatedly open ethernet settings from network and sharing center, and enable internet sharing. Is there way by which i dont have to...
  13. Cyberghost

    Steam Account Sharing ????

    Hii I want to know whether a steam account can be shared by multiple persons.If it is possible I can buy a 10$ game for 1$ sharing with my friends:-D. Anyone did this please help!!!
  14. B


    guys i need help i need to connect my pc and my laptop for playing games via lan and sharing data how do i do it? plz help
  15. N

    Shared Folder Password Protection

    Hi, I am having a small office with 2 PCs and 2 Laptops with basic networking for file sharing and Internet sharing. The laptops are connected via wifi. I am facing problem of security when visitor comes with wifi devices,(Laptop/Mobile/Tab) and I need to provide internet access to them...
  16. B

    sharing wired internet in laptop with samsung tablet

    i have trouble in sharing my wired network with samsung tab via my laptop.i tried so many things.set up an adhoc network,bridging,command prompt. nothings working. also hostednetwork command is not supporting. is there any application to do this? help me....
  17. quad_core

    Problem with Dlink 2730u

    Hello guys. I have a dlink 2730u modem +router . I have Bsnl broadband. Since last week the power LED on my router shows RED led instead of the usual green. It doesn't blink. Just red. I cannot open the Admin page .I cannot ping the router also. I have connected it to my PC using...
  18. N

    Connecting Laptops over Lan and Sharing Internet Connection

    Hello , The problem isn't big enough but still is getting on my nerves :-x:-x for I m unable to actually figure out what to do. Anyways so finally couldn't make it work , and here is the last resort .. so plz help me out . I have 2 laptops ( one running on win7 and other on win8 ). Both...
  19. IndianRambo

    Help me to buy new WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm using Airtel broadband in my PC. I want to setup Wi-Fi in my home which is 2500sqft. I really confused whether to take router alone or along with modem. My personal need is to connect internet and file sharing to laptop,tablet and my mobile
  20. B

    Router required - 4-6k.

    Hi everyone I need to buy a new router which has good range. Currently using Cisco E900 & the range is pretty unsatisfactory. Kindly suggest a good router in the 4 - 6 k range. USB sharing / Printer sharing (HP 1020) would be an added advantage. Thanks in advance. Options that I was looking...
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