UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings"


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UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings"

here are the couple of emails i got from apc when i contacted them about restart issues i get power switches from mains to inverter.

Dear Sir,

With regards to your response, Kindly find the attached document to do some basic settings in the UPS in order to avoid PC restarting.

You need to "adjust transfer voltage & sensitivity settings".

Set the sensitivity settings to "High" i.e. LED should flash 3 times per second & observe the UPS whether it is still having same issue or not.

If still issue persists, UPS needs to be repaired. So get back to us for further assistance.

if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by responding back through this incident.

Thanks for choosing APC by Schneider Electric !

Yours Sincerely,

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting Schneider Electric.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

With regards to your mail,we would suggest you to follow the below mentioned steps to do sensitivity settings:

1. Ensure the Back-UPS is off. Plug it into utility power.

2. Press and hold ON/OFF until the LED repeatedly flashes.

The unit is now in Program Mode.

3. Release the button. The LED will flash once, twice, or three

times per second, indicating the current setting.

4. Press ON/OFF within two seconds to change the setting.

Each time the button is pressed, the LED will flash at a

different rate: once, twice, or three times per second,

indicating the new setting.

5.Continue pressing the button until

the LED flashes thrice which is the desired setting. If the button is not pressed

within five seconds, the Back-UPS will exit the Program


6. To exit Program Mode, release the button and wait for the

LED to stop flashing.

If the issue still persists kindly let us know so that we will be in a better position to assist you.

Thanks for choosing Schneider Electric.!

need to discuss here before i'm trying this. would this solve ups/apfc psu issue?

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