Google Custom Search Malware?


Hi all,
Offlate I have observed that whenever I am searching anything in my Firefox search window, the search redirects to Google Custom Search (
Some sites on the internet say that it is a malware.
When I am changing my settings from "use system proxy settings" to "no proxy" I am able to go back to normal google searches. However, after sometime, the proxy settings are changing on their own, and google search redirecting to
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this problem?
I have Windows 10 Home installed on my laptop. Windows Defender has not found anything in the scan.
Thanks & Regards

PS : I am having some problem with Microsoft Security Centre service automatically turning off. Please advice whether to open a new thread or should I post it in this.


^try some free good security. Computer may be infected.

Avira, avast free version.
360 total security works good. Try it.


Tried with 360 total security. Nothing detected. :sad_NF:
That's not possible.. did you enabled avira and bitdefender virus engine in 360 total security??
If not then enable it. Then full scan.
Still now found. Then try malwarebytes anti malware.


Use malwarebytes this will surely remove the CSE. Just check PUP (Potentially unwanted program) in Settings and do a quick scan.
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