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Hi, I have a family business in which we have a present setup with a server and individual computers for each user. Reading the article in this month issue, and in general was pondering over a few questions:

A. thin client/ zero client based setup.
B. Cloud computing.

we have a manufacturing setup, so requirements of any user is basically ms office/ internet browsing (wasting time) for marketing staff. SAP/ Tally ERP. So thus I was thinking a thin client would be the best way to go since office and an erp software would I think quite well and help reduce cost....

Then the next question automatically comes as to manage your own servers or go to a cloud based server (I understand it's effectively comes down to buying or renting).

I personally don't understand too much about servers and the cost (any good books for understanding the basics would be appreciated). I do understand computers reasonably well, starting from win'95 (ahh those day of landline internet and cursing those who call when your busy surfing/ later, moving on to the reliance phone internet which was like 3 time faster, ) but never got into understanding server side of things.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


@mod: not sure where this thread will go, so thus put it in networking seemed more appropriate....
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