1. anirbandd

    Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives in India for Rs 51,500

    Who is excited?? Not me. Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives in India for Rs 51,500 - Tech2 - - - Updated - - - Fail FK. Selling it at a price more than the official store. - - - Updated - - - but hey... have money, will waste ;)
  2. Z

    How much is the maximum selling price of this PC?

  3. F

    [Want to Buy] Samsung galaxy S II

    I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II for development purpose. PM me if interested in selling one.
  4. G

    Need advice on selling my GPU

    I am planning on selling my gtx 660 (this one to be exact) by next month. Bought it in this year February for exactly Rs 15000. It came with 3 years warranty and in the next month, about 2 years and 1 month warranty will be left. Have the bill and all. My questions are: 1. How should I sell it...
  5. Nerevarine legit ?

    Is this website legit ? I need to purchase Garena shells from here.. anyone have any experience regarding this ? * the same seller is also selling on ebay .. This guy...
  6. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Wanted Case Badges of Asus,Corsair,AMD FX,Sapphire,nVidia...

    Hai, If anybody selling Case Badges of Asus,Corsair,AMD FX,Sapphire,nVidia... Please PM me asap.
  7. A

    selling psp 3000 with 8 gb memory stick 10 original CDs

    HELLO! guyz i am selling my psp 3000 1 year old used 4,5 months only! screen guard applied form day one! it contains: 8gb memory card 10 original CDs ( plus 3 games in memory card) charger (including car charger and pc charger as-well) 2 beautiful case! manual content...
  8. R

    WANT TO buy a budget LED TV

    i want to buy a LED TV. i am currently confused about brand samsung,lg,panasonic,toshiba ; which one to chose? which one provide better experience and support. want to know about this warranty issue : panasonic,toshiba : 3years || SS,LG: 1year also Philips stand anywhere? i eye on...
  9. S

    [Want to Buy] Used PS3 games

    Anyone selling Used PS3 games. Any site where i can find used games. Thanks
  10. digitaltab

    1 TB external hard disk under 5000

    hi , i need a 1 tb (USB 2) external hard disk, there are lots of brands i see on flipkarts, please suggest the perfect brand/model under 5k, and also tell if flipkart is selling at good prices or should i look for it in local market thnx
  11. S

    PSU suggestion needed

    Hi, I am planning to buy PSU Corsair cx430V2 online. Any best deal for it? Snapdeal is selling around 2800/- and Flipkart is selling at 2700 – 2950/- range. 2nd thing, somebody told me that old model of this cx430V2 are having some technical glitches and latest ones are manufactured in...
  12. M

    I am trying to get my first camera....please help me choose one....

    My budget is around 10k.... I know its a very limited budget, but can't help it.... Should i look to get a point and shoot digital camera??? or............ Should i look for an old SLR camera (i cant think of anyone selling DSLR in 10k:shock:) I am a bit serious about photograhy and intend to...
  13. J

    Haswell availability in india

    Hey guys, By when are Haswell processors expected to start selling in india? rgds
  14. H2O

    Gaming Laptop Under 65K

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs 60,000 - Rs 65,000. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream. 15" - 16" Screen. 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? No. 4) What are the primary tasks will you be...
  15. $hadow

    Which Y500 are you using

    Things are getting pretty confusing since the time lenovo launched y500 with 750m graphic card and now a recent change in lenovo y500 on lenovo website has started another confusion IdeaPad Y500 Laptop | Lenovo (IN) lenovo is selling 2 variants of y500 i.e. with i7QM and other is just i7m and...
  16. T

    [For Sale] Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Single SIM

    Reason for selling: I am BORED :duh2: (Upgrade). Price: 3800 INR.
  17. H

    Verge leak: The next kinect can actively spy on you.

    Exclusive: Microsoft's next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box | The Verge So the next kinect can monitor you while you do anything and report to M$, who have shown that they have no problem selling your data to advertisers and are known to shove ads up your ****. You...
  18. F

    [Want to Buy] HAF912 or Corsair 400

    Want 2 Buy Cheap HAF Cabby if any1 Selling thiers, Should be in good condition with all ports working.
  19. T

    A laptop with 50K is being sold for 15K on ebay (used). Too good to be true? Am I missing something?

    Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 i5/2gb ram/nvidia 1gb graphic/500gb HDD | eBay There has to be a catch! But I can't think of any! The seller says he doesn't need it anymore and wants to buy a tablet so he's selling. Should I go for it? How much should I bid?
  20. R

    Budget PC within Rs.20000/- by selling old and buying new

    Hi friends, I am currently having a PC with the following configuration: AMD 635 quardracore Gig 785G mobo 4 GB DDR III 1600 MHz Corsair ram 1 TB HDD Seagate 8400 GS Nividia Graphic Card Bijli cabinet CRT 15" monitor LG DVD 450w Corsair I want to now sell this PC and want to...
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