legit ?


Is this website legit ? I need to purchase Garena shells from here.. anyone have any experience regarding this ?


the same seller is also selling on ebay .. This guy has joined recently.. Should I proceed with the purchase ? via ebay ?


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You can buy 200 Shells for $4 src. Why pay $3+ for 150 ? This is a virtual item ? He may be legit as why scam for such a low price item and get banned/ -ve review on ebay.


^Are you sure we can buy from Garena SG.. I thought indian users had to buy from International website..
If so, thanks a lot

EDIT: I just noticed they wont accept debit cards and i dont have a paypal account.. Any solutions buddy ?


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Yes i have purchased Steam wallet cards and Garena shells for League of legends from 5 days ago , these guys are awesome , I got the codes in 15 mins on my email , They are doing the business in india only accepting all debit cards , netbanking, cash deposits and cheque :D
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