1. Vinaydk23

    Help me to set a fair price for my old pc

    Hi guys, I am planning on getting a new laptop and hence selling my old pc, below are the specs. Intel DH87MC mobo - 3 years old Intel I5 4440 processor Hardisk - WD 250gb - 3 years old Case - Cooler master - costed me around 5.5k 3 years old Ram - Corsair 8Gb DDR 3 - 3 years old GTX 650...
  2. S

    Selling my Asus p2420la 14 inch laptop core i3 8 gb ram for 21000 rs ( 15 days old )

    Brand - Asus P2420la 14 inch Purchased on - 27th december 2016 Original price - Rs 25990 from amazon . By default it came with 4 gb ram . I spent 2200 rs extra for additional 4 gb ram making it 8 gb. Specs - intel core i3 5500u 2.0 ghz processor 8 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram ( 4 gb default...
  3. dan4u

    [For Sale] Battlefield 4 PC (Digital Download) for Rs 650

    I've got a BF4 origin code that I don't need, selling for Rs 400. PM or reply to this thread. Edit:- Price Changed to Rs 400
  4. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE

    Has anybody else noticed , these are selling for 2k in amazon ? are these real ?
  5. Nipun

    Anyone with an experience of selling on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.?

    A friend and I are planning to start selling T-Shirts and some other products online using Flipkart or Amazon. Since both of us are college students, we just want some extra money (5-6k?), but cannot put it a lot of time. Is there any one here who has past experience with selling on Flipkart...
  6. rajesh00

    General Query Is ITDEPOT.COM a reliable site ?

    I have seen so many items with no warranty and some with warranty. Are they selling new items or used ones ?
  7. A

    Laptop Or Desktop? What should i buy?

    Hello members of TDF. I am moving to college this year.I will take admission in B.Tech in CSE this year :-).I am going to buy a PC but confused over what should i prefer.I am confused over what should i buy a laptop or desktop.I will use it for gaming(Games like BattleField,COD).I will use it...
  8. R

    When can I post in Bazaar?

    I've been viewing digit forum for a looong time now but decided to register not very long ago... I have some items I need to sell and bash that guy selling his 2 yo 7970 for 14k (like wtf), so when can I post in the Bazaar section?
  9. S

    [For Sale] Anyone wants MI 4i

    I have a MI 4i in my cart. anyone interested to buy it??(at the original price i will ship it to ur address directly from flipkart with COD so the person buying it pays for the phone on delivery.) SaiyanGoku & RCuber Sry didn't know i could not make profits by selling phone so now...
  10. P

    What is soldering ? Any experts here?

    Hello world, While browsing many threads and recently while upgrading my pc i came across the word "soldering" now i wanted to mod my pc a bit with leds and stuff so i ask What exactly is soldering? How exactly do you work with a soldering iron ? Any guides or generous people ready to...
  11. S

    HTC one m8 vs HTC one m8 eye

    Finally,after so much searching & waiting i have finalized these 2 models,but i need your help as which one too go for M8 or M8 eye.Also,in some website HTC one m8 is out of stock.Is production has been stopped or not? There is also some price diff.for M8 some selling for above 45k & some...
  12. sushovan

    OnePlus gets banned from selling devices in India

    After Xiaomi it's OnePlus' turn in India to face the banhammer. The Delhi High Court has banned the Chinese company from importing and selling OnePlus One in India. Although the ban comes shortly after the Xiaomi case (which has been temporarily resolved), the two are for very different...
  13. H2O

    Xiaomi Mi Piston - v2 From Flipkart

    Heard great things about this. So, wanted to buy it. But, checked some reviews and they're saying the current ones ie the ones Flipkart are selling for Rs. 799 /- isn't as good as the ones they were selling for Rs. 999 /-. Some have even questioned the authenticity of the Pistons sold by...
  14. Gollum

    PS4 selling for 34k on Shop Clues.

    Online Sony Playstation 4: Play The Future First Prices - Shopclues India
  15. A

    What are the things you should know before selling your old phone?

    Hello guys. I am going to sell my phone.I would like to know what are the things you should know before selling your phone. Should i give buyer my original bill. What about IMEI no.?Can it be used wrongly?
  16. A

    Questions about Xperia ZR.

    Xperia ZR is now available at 20K at flipkart.Is it's price has came down in market.Is sony has stopped the production of Sony Xperia ZR.I have bought Sony Xperia SP last month at 17.5K.and I am getting a offer of 16K for it.So should i buy ZR by selling SP. I will buy new mobile next year.Is...
  17. varghesekiran

    Selling my old phone and buy a new one

    Hi guys., I am selling my 2 year old Xperia Ray to my friend for 5800/-. I am planning to buy Moto E after getting this money. But I have mixed feelings in my mind. Please help me to go through this and buy a good smartphone, if Moto E is not an option Things that I feared about Moto E is...
  18. H2O

    Is it worth selling Nokia Lumia 520 for Moto-E?

    I bought Nokia Lumai 520 around eight odd months ago and while I am relatively satisfied with it, the lack of good apps being released quickly can certainly be an issue. No Android phone was close to Lumia 520 in terms of vfm them but after looking at Moto E's specs and reviews, I am very...
  19. mikael_schiffer

    Yo Tab users! is the Xele Togra Neto Sovon worth it for Rs14k ???

    Check this out, dont you think its a great buy ? Indiatimes is selling for Rs14,500 and Amazon is selling for Rs14,900 The thing is , should i spend more (for Nexus 7 2k13) or is it better to save money and get this instead? My main applications will be (in order of priority)...
  20. D

    Do you own a desktop?

    Desktops are not selling anymore. Laptops are fast enough and are not too costly. Also tablets are available cheaply. I am stating the facts. Look around there are very few shops selling desktops. I want to ask if you own a desktop, what makes you keep one or buy a desktop over other...
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