1. H

    Selling N95 8GB

    I'm selling my N95 8GB whihc i had bought on 23/11/2007. i've the original bill,box and all accessories tat came with the fone. the fone is in very good condition.using screen guard from the day of purchase. fone has no probs.i'm selling this fone cuz i've become bored using the s60 fone.hav...
  2. rahulmig

    [ F.S ] Coolent master 600W 4 months Old rarely USed

    4 months Old rarely USed : Rs 3000/- I am selling it got a new one
  3. C

    Selling - Old Pentium D based PC.

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what is this config worth for selling?? The guy at Croma uoated it at Rs. 6500/- only :mad: Is it that low?? :o Processor Intel Pentium D 805 Motherboard Intel Original 945 GNT ( Onboard Sound & GMA 950 ) RAM 2 x 1 GB...
  4. raksrules

    w800i In-Ear Earphones !!!

    I need to buy new HPM-70 Earphones for my w800i. I know getting the original from Sony world would be expensive as well as tedious since most of the time they dont have stock. Actually i have Creative EP-630 that i am using with my current HPM-70. Can anyone suggest where can i buy a new HPM-70...
  5. H

    selling used compaq v2374ap laptop

    Hello all I am selling my 1.5 yrs old compaq v2374ap its with bag pack which i bought just 2 months ago for 1500 rs and when i purchased this laptop it was with dos now i have windows xp pro which i buy seprate and installed in it selling everything for 12500 here is config intel celron...
  6. B

    8800GTX for 25K

    I have two EVGA superclocked 8800GTX with Crysis bundled selling them for 25k. Intrested please reply
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