1. S

    SSD Compatibility. NVME not detected in BIOS

    BLOT:- Which m.2 SSD will be compatible? I have Asus-Vivobook-R542Uq-DM275T i-7 8th gen Upgraded 2x8 GB Ram (Original 1x8GB-2400 MHz) One installed SSD WD Green SATA One HDD in Caddy My question is I have a m.2 port...
  2. A

    SSD Advice for laptop

    Hey Guys, it time i give some new life to my laptop ASUS ROG GL552JX which claims to have M.2 sata slot. Will this SSD be compatible with it?If no, what other options do i have? TIA!
  3. D

    SATA 2.5 , 3.5 to USB converter?

    I have a sata 2.5 to USB 3 converter. I use it to connect laptop HDD. The sata is different from my 3.5 desktop HDD and it does not fit. I heard the 3.5 to USB connectors available in market disconnects frequently and are not intended for longer use. Does anyone have any suggestions in this...
  4. U

    SATA cables

    Can any one suggest me any good SATA cables? Open to buying online. Most of the cables are cheap cables and in the local market they are available as low as 25 rupees per cable. They died in 6 months twice. The cables that came with the motherboard served me for 3 years before they died and now...
  5. M

    DVD Drive Question?

    Hello, Sorry for the noob question, but I’m looking to replace my old DVD Drive (IDE), and I was wondering if the newer SATA Drives like the LG GH24NSB0 is compatible with my mother board:- Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H. Although my MB has a SATA II port, and my SMPS a SATA power connector, I’m...
  6. mitraark

    Lightning ruined SATA ports Need PCI SATA Card

    My PC runs, well, used to run, 24x7, and one day when i came home after a thunderstorm I saw the message "No disk found" Initially I assumed my hard disk had crashed, but they are working on another PC. I have three options i) Buy new motherboard, but a new LGA 1156 motherboard for my...
  7. patkim

    CD detected in desktop Sata DVD Drive but not in portable USB DVD Drive

    I have one old CD that I had written in year 2002!! As the title says, it works perfectly in desktop SATA DVD Drive but is not detected in other portable USB DVD Drive. I believe the portable USB DVD has no power issues as it is able to detect and load several other CDs/DVDs and it does not...
  8. A

    would a sshd compatible with gigabyte g-41 mobo

    dear friends, i want to buy a new hard disk for my old rig. i want to know whether sshd sata would support my gigabyte g-41 chipset based motherboard ? thanks
  9. abhinav_bipnesh

    Need suggestion for home NAS using Mini iTx board

    Hi, I am thinking to build an home NAS using either Mini iTX or full size motherboard. The configuration I am looking for is something below Atleast 2 SATA 3Gb/s Port. Alteast 2 SATA 2 ports 2-4 USB headers supporting either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Minimum 16GB DDR3 RAM support but can be...
  10. S

    SSD in non AHCI supported MB

    I just ordered a used Samsung 830 256 GB SSD from Ebay. for Rs.3500/- MB is AsRock N68C-GS FX with Four SATA 2 ports. there is no AHCI option in BIOS. I know SATA II can only give max 250 MBps to 300 MBps speed, I will be OK with that. But I am worried if the write speed going to be as low as...
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    Kingston M.2 SATA 120GB SSD Review

    Kingston M.2 SATA 120GB SSD Review Today we are reviewing Kingston SM2280S3/120G M.2 SATA Solid State Drive with a capacity of 120GB and M.2 2280 form factor, which means it is 22 mm wide and 80 mm long, but keep in mind that these are M.2 SSD modules that...
  12. Gollum

    Need PSU Recommendation for GTX 960

    Hi I just upgraded my PC with an Asus Strix GTX960 and 120 GB SanDisk SSD My PC has Corsair CX430 Power supply. Please let me know if I need to upgrade my PSU to 600W or more. Micro ATX MSI A55M E33 system board AMD A4 5300 3.4Ghz Trinity 4GB DDR3 Corsair value select RAM 500 GB 7200rpm SATA...
  13. Nanducob

    sata to usb converter

    Hi,I have salvaged a 500gb seagate baracuda hdd from my desktop made in 2012,which I guess have a sata? connector.I would like to use it as portable hdd .Could you suggest me some appropriate connectors? Thanks
  14. ax3

    Ide/Pata drive not showing !!!

    hi, i have a i3 processor with 8 gb ram, 1tb sata drive, 40 gb ide/pata drive ... few days back my power supply gave out so i got a new one ... after pluging it, my old ide/pata drive doesnt showup in bios & windows ... tried solo boot (ide has xp installed) also bt no effect ... its working...
  15. B

    Trying to purchase Solid motherboard with 6k budget.

    Looking for durable motherboard for i5 4440 cpu. i'm not into overclocking,SLI/crossfire at all. just need durable MB with couple of usb3. sata 3 etc. nothing fancy. i heard gigabyte and asus are two most reliable brands.
  16. B

    sata ports are dead

    hallo, i have a ASUS p5g41TMLX3 plus mobo and Seagate Baracuda 1Tb HDD running windows 7 ,and 4GB KInGSTON ram. well there is no ide port on motherboard , so i added my ide dvdwriter(LG) to mobo via a IDE to SATA connector. that was the root of problem ,slowly it killed the sata port where it...
  17. B

    SATA to USB

    My old desktop has stopped working. When I turn on the power, the fans spin up, but the monitor displays nothing, and there's no beep as well. I removed the RAM, and it started giving beeps, which means the RAM is the problem. Anyway, I need something to connect the SATA hard disk on the...
  18. sumonpathak

    Asus X99-A review

    From the inception of Intels X99 chipset there's been a constant battle between the motherbaord manufacturers to bring out more boards than the other by mixing and matching different criteria. While other companies at times have a very confusing lineup Asus has their X99 motherboard lineup...
  19. banskt

    Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD + Seagate SATA 6Gbps 7200RPM 1TB HDD

    SOLD - Corsair Force GT 120GB - Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6 Gbps 3.5" Internal HDD (ST31000524AS) Links: SSD: Newegg, Corsair HDD: Flipkart, Seagate Datasheet Expected Price: SSD -- SOLD HDD -- SOLD Source and Time of Purchase: SSD -- December 2012, Local dealer HDD --...
  20. rakesh_sharma23

    Gigabyte X99 UD4P Motherboard Review

    Gigabyte X99 UD4P Motherboard Review Short while ago we reviewed Gigabyte X99 UD4 motherboard, one of the best entry-level X99 board we have came across so fare. And now we have the opportunity to review another Gigabyte’s X99 chipset based Ultra Durable (UD) series of...
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