SATA 2.5 , 3.5 to USB converter?


I have a sata 2.5 to USB 3 converter. I use it to connect laptop HDD. The sata is different from my 3.5 desktop HDD and it does not fit. I heard the 3.5 to USB connectors available in market disconnects frequently and are not intended for longer use. Does anyone have any suggestions in this regards? Thanks.

Can I really connect a desktop sata HDD to a laptop without smps, and with external power (Usb is 5v and sata needs 12v/5v right? Is there a way?)


Yes the 3.5 to USB converters are meant to be used with a DC Adapter that outputs 12V.. These are called powered enclosures and give faster speeds than similar 2.5 inch enclosures (both being same usb type)
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