Lightning ruined SATA ports Need PCI SATA Card


My PC runs, well, used to run, 24x7, and one day when i came home after a thunderstorm I saw the message "No disk found"

Initially I assumed my hard disk had crashed, but they are working on another PC.

I have three options

i) Buy new motherboard, but a new LGA 1156 motherboard for my i5 760 is hard to find, costly and not worth it.

ii) buy new motherboard + processor, will cost me a lot though, I have started using my laptop now, I've realised I don't even need a powerful PC anymore expect for the occasional time I play FIFA with my friends, only during vacations.

iii) Considering trying out a SATA PCI card, it might just work, the motherboard seems to be fine otherwise, no abnormalities in BIOS or anything. In case it doesn't I will use it in my 2nd PC which has a Am1m motherboard and only 2 SATA Slots.

Anyone has any experience with them? Ebay has listed some of them for around Rs 500, cheap brands though.


Sony " VA" "IO"
I have a question related to this topic.
how does thunderstorm,reach the electric pole and then to our house --->PC--->PSU-->mobo
can anyone explain?
Surge protector device: has anyone really seen it working practically? it does have a limited life, capacity of Joules it can hold,
but how if it comes from the phase / neutral /earth pin of a 3-pin plug?


if you have a PCI Express X1 slot, then buy PCI E Sata converters..
Normal PCI has very low bandwidth for today's SATA hard drives..
Also, do note that even if you convert PCI E X1 slot to SATA 3, the actual speeds will be about 10% less than SATA 3 speeds, so its not recommended using an SSD on those ports.. For hard drives, its more than fine..

Lastly PCIE X1 is forward compatible with all PCI Express X4, X8 or x16 slots, so if you do not have an X1, you can install it in a x16 slot (GPU slot)
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