CD detected in desktop Sata DVD Drive but not in portable USB DVD Drive


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I have one old CD that I had written in year 2002!!

As the title says, it works perfectly in desktop SATA DVD Drive but is not detected in other portable USB DVD Drive. I believe the portable USB DVD has no power issues as it is able to detect and load several other CDs/DVDs and it does not give any Low Power Warning.

So I suspect the CD is now too old to be reliable anymore.

However what I wonder from this observation.. is there anything that the portable USB DVD drive is less sensitive to data reads as compared to standard SATA Desktop drives?? Could there be any explanation for this behavior? Thanks.


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Classic issue of compatibility / USB drives laser beam is too weak to read the old CD. I've seen this happening with Asus [ sata ], Sony [ IDE ] and LG [ IDE ] drive. The only thing you can do is firmwire update.
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