1. S

    Want Motherboard For AMD FX-6300/6100

    I have decided to buy a new CPU,My Spec is below: 1. Cooler Master K350 Gaming Cabinet 2. AMD 3.3 GHz AM3+ FX6100 Processor 3. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM 4. Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5 5. WD Caviar Green 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive 6. Corsair VS...
  2. savithk

    1TB sata HDD

    i have ASUS M4N68T-M-V2 motherboard with 500 GB sata HDD M4N68T-M V2 - Motherboards - ASUS i want to upgrade my HDD to 1TB ....i just want to know ...this motherboard ASUS M4N68T-M-V2 will support 1TB sata HDD ...or not Suggestion please
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Web Server @ Around 30-40k

    Hello, As mentioned in the Thread Title, our company is looking for setting up a Linux Server within our office premises within 30 -40k Please note that I'm not filling up the Questionnaire as I'm not looking for General PC. Here's what I have selected : HP ProLiant ML110 G7 E3-1220 HP...
  4. D

    Help needed with SATA/IDE Coverter

    I recently purchased a SATA/IDE converter so I can connect my IDE HDD to my pc which only has SATA ports However after making the requisite connection & powering on, it is not detecting the drive. The status light on the converter is on & the drive is spinning. I even tried switching the...
  5. M

    Windows 8 System Freezes

    Hi Have a HP laptop (G6-2005AX) with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit installed. My system gets freezes all of a sudden. When this happens I have no option but to use power button to kill it. If I keep the system as it is, then after 30 mins or so it reboots itself. When this happens neither mouse works...
  6. S

    A good Laptop for gaming under 30k

    Hi guys,I'm planning to buy new laptop ,please suggest. I'm writing down some of my requirements below... 1)price range <30k 2)I play lot of games which usually require good graphics support and loads of ram. 3)Hard disk 500gb or above .. 4)Better service in case if there are any...
  7. patkim

    Laptop HDD into it possible?

    Is it possible to install a laptop SATA HDD 2.5'' into a Desktop PC? Is power & SATA interface compatible and if yes, do we get any mounting device or something to hold it in place in the desktop drive bay? Thx.
  8. dippi_taurus

    2TB internal WD Blue? Green? or Black?

    I will be purchasing an internal HDD and I wanted your opinions. The purpose of the HDD will primarily be storage, to play any and all videos stored within and run a few big games. Which among these do you consider good and what are their individual costs? 1. WD Green SATA III 6.0 2TB or 2...
  9. A

    Techcom 2.5 inch SATA Casing

    Hi, I have purchased a new Techcom 2.5 inch SATA Casing.. Here is official link Tech-Com affordable, latest, , Mobile Phones, Computer Parts, DVD, LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers Specification are all present. Will it support a 1TB hard disk?Please reply asap.I have got my drive...
  10. S

    How much Power Supply?

    I have this config: C2D e4600 Intel dg43gt mobo 4 GB RAM (4 sticks) Seagate 1.5 TB + 500 GB + 250 gb pata 2 x LG DVDRAM RW SATA Radeon 5770 1 gb ddr5 5 x 120 mm fans How much power supply should be good for it??
  11. S

    selecting psu

    Hey fellows i want to upgrade my old computer and give it to my father as he uses it for networking , watching movies , and documentation and some basic applications.... My old pc config... Intel pentium cpu 2.66ghz 512 ram ddr1 400mhz intel 915gv motherboard sata 80 gb western digital...
  12. 1

    SATA 3 VS SATA 2 difference?

    Transfer speed of Sata 3 - 6Gb/s Transfer speed of Sata 2 - 3Gb/s looks like sata 3 almost doubles transfer speed. Technically it should. As noticed the sata cables that come with mother board are sata 2 only. I plan to buy White sata 3, 6Gb/s cable from ebay for 249/- Guys is it worth to buy?
  13. avichandana20000

    Ssd required

    Need a 120GB SSD.(6K APPROX) Pls Suggest. Also want to know the difference between OCZ AGILITY 3 SATA 3 120 GB OCZ VERTEX 3 LOW PROFILE SATA 3 120GB
  14. rajatGod512

    WD Blue 500 GB SAT III HDD Problems

    Hi! So, when I purchased my pc from flipkart in June 2012 I bought a WD Blue 500GB SATA III (5000AAKX) HDD but that turned out to be DOA , I then called up cc of flipkart and then they replaced my hdd which too was DOA , I got that one replaced too Now this third HDD was working normally until...
  15. patkim

    long sata cables - can it be spiral wrapped

    The SATA cables in my desktop are quite long and in general they clutter inside the cabinet! Is it ok to wrap them in coil / spiral like fashion say by wrapping along a pencil to reduce the length? Would it affect the performance or cause any issues?.
  16. O

    hdd problem

    i installed sdd first and installed win7 on it.....noow wen I connect 1tb hdd(new) both sata power cable and sata 3gbps port still its nt detected wat to do???
  17. sahil1033

    SATA Power Connector Extension

    Bought this and now SATA power connector is not enough long to reach the card. Can anyone suggest me from where can I get SATA Power Connector Extension online? p.s. - I tried searching it in local shops.
  18. RohanM

    Suggest Good Internal DVD Writer - SATA

    Hello Guys, My old Sony DVD writer is not almost dead & I want a new one. Please suggest me a good internal SATA DVD writer (which should be released recently) Budget - 1200 /- Thanks. :lol:
  19. makwanamilan96

    Hard disk not detected by system

    i was cleaning my CPU after cleaning, when i start the system system does not start means operating system does not load display says "No boot device detected " it means hard disk is not detected by system i tried restart ,recheck all cable connection it is sata i tried...
  20. ajayritik

    Need software which will help in searching for files across various SATA HDD's connected

    I have multiple SATA HDD and single IDE HDD and have lots of data across various drives. It becomes very tough for me to search for any files in any one of the folder. I'm assuming the search is performed only on primary partition drives. Any help will be appreciated. OS:Windows 8
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