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My old desktop has stopped working. When I turn on the power, the fans spin up, but the monitor displays nothing, and there's no beep as well. I removed the RAM, and it started giving beeps, which means the RAM is the problem.

Anyway, I need something to connect the SATA hard disk on the desktop to my laptop by USB. I searched on the net for this, and found something like this:

Storite SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter With Power Supply: Electronics

But this costs Rs. 800! Is there anything cheaper? From what I understand, you need two cables: one to give the HDD power, and the other to transfer data to the motherboard. What I'd like to do is, keep the HDD in the desktop and turn it on. While there's no display on that computer, I'm think (or hope) the HDD is probably spinning. So the HDD gets its power from the desktop. After this, I connect one end of the data cable to the HDD, and the connect the other end, which goes into the motherboard, to my laptop by USB. Is there any such cable available, and what is it called? Something like this:

18inch SATA 6Gbps Cable w/Locking Latch (90 Degree to 180 Degree) - Red - Buy 18inch SATA 6Gbps Cable w/Locking Latch (90 Degree to 180 Degree) - Red Online at Low Price in India -

The above one has both pins which look like SATA, but I need a cable where one end is SATA and the other is USB.



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Errr. no USB and Sata are different interfaces and one needs a converter like the one you have posted. I think that's a cheap one. check if your laptop has a ESata port, then you should be able to connect it to your HDD via a Sata to Esata cable or with a existing sata cable.


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while your requirement is different....
clean mobo RAM slots, reinsert RAM & display card if any, tighten all connectors and check again. if it's just question of dust, loose connection etc in mobo slots it might work as well.


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to connect the HDD to your laptop via USB, the product whose link you posted first would suffice. it can be had for about 500/- on ebay, and probably for lesser locally. just know that the power-adapter of it is not so good, and that part is not covered under whatever warranty a seller offers for that whole converter. i had one such, but its power adapter conked off, though it had served well for long. am going to buy another one soon for a different purpose.
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