Leopard Safari: Skin for Maxthon 2.0 Browser to Make it look-a-like Safari

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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Hi all

I'm glad to announce my second skin "Leopard Safari" for Maxthon 2.x browser. I have tried to make Maxthon look-a-like Safari browser which has been recently released by Apple. :)

Just download the zip file, extract its contents and then double-click on "Leopard Safari.m2s" file and Maxthon will automatically install and apply it.
For the best experience, disable unwanted toolbar and buttons, disable Windows Frame and make your maxthon look-a-like in the screenshot:

To make the task easier I have included 2 extra files "Config.ini" and "ui.xml" in this pack. Just copy them to following folder:


This folder will already contain the same files, so replace them with these new files. Now open Maxthon and your toolbars, buttons, etc will be automatically set like Safari.

I hope you'll like it. Please don't release or share modified versions of this skin without asking my permissions. ;)

Download Link: Leopard Safari Skin for Maxthon 2.x
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