1. A

    [ROM][XXBLFB][AB ROM]v0.1, Android 4.0.4

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce my [AB ROM] v0.1 for Galaxy S3. Features: PDA: I9300XXBLFB CSC: I9300OXABLFB Version: 4.0.4 Date: 2012-06-28 Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK Zipaligned Fully...
  2. MetalheadGautham

    Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 - Worth ?

    I'm waiting to buy a new ICS phone in 9k range. Was waiting for Sony Xperia Tipo. Seems like its going to take time to arrive. Meanwhile, I was blown over by the specs of Huawei Ideos X5 U8800. 512MB RAM, 800MHz/1GHz CPU (depending on ROM) and most importantly 3.8" Screen (splendid for...
  3. R

    Samsung Galaxy Y - Custom ROM?

    I have been looking out for some reliable custom ROMs for Galaxy Y but so far no luck :( Been checking out XDA forum and so far there is not a single ROM which is stable. Any digit member here using Galaxy Y custom ROM? Please pass it on and tell me about your experience :)
  4. aaruni

    Nebula emulator

    Hey Guys, I downloaded Nebula emulator and X-Men Vs Street Fighter Rom. Can anyone help me as to how to add the rom so the emulator recognizes it???:cry: I got it, just drag the rom file into the rom folder. I was unzipping the file untill now. So, somebody please close this...
  5. sanithkk81

    Which is the best Sense 4.0 rom for sensation xe

    Hi Folks, I am tired of waiting for ICS release in India for HTC Sensation XE. I have decided to root my phone and flash new rom. Please tell which is the best Sense 4.0 rom with minimal or no bug. Thanks in advance
  6. Gauravs90

    Help me to restore my funbook to original rom

    Hi guys... I was trying to install custom ROM on my friends funbook from the given thread * But I didn't liked the new rom much as it doesn't support tata photon+ so I wanted to revert back to the original rom. I had...
  7. P

    LG P698 Rooting and upgrading to ICS

    Hi Friends Any body can suggest me how to root my LG P698 2.3.4 and upgrade the ROM to 4.0?
  8. kartikoli

    Micromax superfone lite a75

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Micromax A75 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: Rs 5800/- SHIPPED Time of Purchase: 15-MARCH-2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes Reason for Sale: going for other phone Purchase Invoice Available: Yes...
  9. B

    Galaxy ace won't boot!

    I accidently did these on samsung ace gt-s5830: 1. wipe data/factory reset 2. wipe cache partication 3. wipe dalvic cache (P.s: Without backing my rom which is android version 2.3.4) Then i tried to re-install the rom from ODIN. It shows Passed but the phone keeps on restarting on a...
  10. ajayritik

    Need suggestion for new DVD ROM drive

    Guys my five year old LITE ON DVD ROM DRIVE has gone bad. Need to buy a new one. Which one to go for? Samsung LG Sonyany other brand
  11. coderunknown

    [GUIDE][FAQ] Decrapify your Android

    NOTE: I searched and went through many different guide on various sites. Credit goes to the original authors. I have only added some extra descriptions to better understand the uses, removed unavailable apps, did testing to check for stability and divided the list so it becomes easy to find the...
  12. rahul_c

    Bricked my LG Optimus Net!

    I have bricked my phone-LG Optimus Net P690! All I get is LG logo coming and going in loop. I somehow got into emergency mode, what should I do? I just clicked on 'backup current ROM', I didn't even replaced my original ROM! Please help my dad is going to kill me, its just a week old phone...
  13. coderunknown

    Noobs Guide to rooting and installing custom rom

    INSTALLING CUSTOM ROM: Q: What is official rom? A: Google releases Android source code. Manufacturers compile it & add their own apps, tweaks, UI/Launcher (themes) and you have their own Android Rom. Q: What is custom rom? A: In simple terms, a rom made by a user (DEV, modder; whatever you...
  14. A

    Need help: Custom Recovery Image for Galaxy 3 ?

    Friends ! Need help with Flashing a custom ROM for Galaxy 3 , i5801. I am struck at finding the Custom Recovery Image. I have followed this so far: 1. Rooted the device using SuperOne Click. 2. Installed ROM manager. 3. Downloaded the Kyrillos v 9.2 image for galaxy 3. Now i need to...
  15. Desmond

    Touchscreen problem with Cyanogenmod 7 on Dell XCD28

    Hi all, I upgraded the stock ROM on my Dell XCD28 phone to the Gingerbread based Cyanogenmod 7 Nightly Build. I am now facing a number of problems with the screen. First of all the touchscreen has become relatively less sensitive than it used to be on the stock ROM. Also, the most weird...
  16. vinyasmusic

    What and How to Put Custom Rom on Moto Defy

    Hi guys ... Plz post me a procedure or steps or tutorial links for rooting and putting custom rom on Moto Defy ... :?: Things i have downloaded as of yest :-) 1 SuperOneClick by Shortfuse 2 MIUI 1.10.28 Need ClockworkMod ( Links plz ) and downloading CM 7.1 :grin:
  17. sushan

    When dvd inserted into the dvd drive,the dvd drive doesnot respond

    Hi, Whenver i insert the whatever type of dvd/cd in to the dvd rom driver,the ;laptop doesnot read the dvd by the dvd rom and it does unresponsive for the long time and i have to shut down by pressing the power off button,what is the problem, my config; laptop with window 7 intel dual...
  18. M

    Using DVD-ROM in another computer for installation

    Hi Friends I recently bought a new Dell laptop for personal use. I want to install Office 2010 Home and Student Edition in it. I have the Office 2010 DVD but unfortunately, my laptop does not have a DVD ROM. Can I can share my DVD ROM of my desktop and use it for installation? I use Windows 7...
  19. prateek007391

    Show Off Your Home Screen

    I have tried about many ROMs this Week GingerVillian, Insert Coin Sense 2.1 + 3.0 ROM, Gingerburst ROM, LeeDroid ROM, Cyanogenmod for my HTC Desire, So what ROM do you use and How do you Customize Your HomeScreen. Thats' what Android Can do Better then Any Mobile OS in World.
  20. K

    Problem with Vodafone Mobile Connect - Hyderabad

    Since the last few days, it takes about 10-15 mins to get the data connection started and even after that, although I have the 'E' icon, internet does not seem to work ... In the hyderabad region ... I can confirm it is not an issue with the signal in the area as I have tried multiple areas ...
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