1. digit06

    Stuck on the Andriod logo Sfter installing CM 10.1 :cry:

    Guyzzz recently my friend told me that a custom rom can sppeed up ur tablet ... so I tried installing one... I being researching for a week on rooting ..installing cloak work mode .. flashing all these thingsss .. finally I tried to get it installed and the custom rom I used was the Cm10.1
  2. Skyh3ck

    Xolo Q700 - custom rom or Q700i rom - software update ..HELP

    Hi i have bought the Xolo Q700 phone, its a great phone, except that it does not support app to SD function, so i am looking for custom rom or Q700i rom released recently which allows app 2 SD i tried to google but found very little information about it anyone here has done this please help...
  3. ©mß

    Custom ROM for Galaxy Y.

    I want a ROM which focuses mainly on performance. So, tell me which ROM to flash for it.
  4. K

    Root lenovo idea tab A2107A-H ONLY ROOT NO RECOVERY OR ROM

    Hi guys wanted to root my new tablet and I'm not sure how to do it It's a Lenovo idea tab 2107a-h running stock rom 4.0.3 16gb dual sim I saw a few threads in xda devs but they all are flashing recovery and roms which I don't want to risk and do Plus will just rooting have a chance of...
  5. P

    Help on flashing custom rom on Xperia x10i

    Hey all I was searching since a lot of days to flash a custom rom on my phone and selected this for the rom [cm10] XPERIA X10Z-10.1.A.1.434 - FINAL STABLE RELEASE(8/5/13)[cm10] - xda-developers Now the problem is that I don't know how to flash kernel and all. In the kernel folder link, there...
  6. A

    Phone,15k,best ROM support,Advice please

    Hi all I'd like to buy first hand/second hand phone under 15k with only 2 criterias 1.Should have the most stable ROM support(CM,AOKP) for least 2 years 2.Reasonable battery backup(should last 1 day with edge ON,only for whatsapp) As far as I can tell,phones like MMX HD,Q1000,Wammy passion...
  7. IronCruz

    For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode?

    Hello Guys. I had stock ICS rom on my TIPO. Recently i flashed it using fxp220 CM10. But there is not network detected. So i want to install Stock ROM again. But i'm getting the error "For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode" while flashing using FLASHTOOL. So i changed it PTP...
  8. $hadow

    rooting galaxy s3

    Has any one rooted his galaxy s3. I want to root mine but had no idea about it can any one help me out regarding which rom to use and steps regarding root.
  9. A

    is the psu sufficient

    i hav the following rig i5 3550 gigabyte ba75d3h asus gtx 560 ti cm haf 912 sony 24x dvd rom wd caviar blue transcend 4b ddr3 corsair gs600
  10. RCuber

    Atrix 2 JB Query/Help

    Hey guys, I'm currently on official 4.0.4 (OTA). There is one "official" JB 4.1.2 leak and there are couple of other versions released. not sure about the procedure , as its quite different from Samsung ROM updates which I was used to. AFAIK I need to first unlock my bootloader, then find a...
  11. TheMost

    S3 or original NOTE ?

    I own a galaxy note N7000 - 11 months old ... My friend knows some person in a mobile shop and he says that if i give my Note + 5000 Rs he could get me a New unboxed S3 indian version .. I am seriously freakinn out .. whether to say OK or not I however have the below problems with my Galaxy...
  12. ninad_mhatre85

    Android Phone under 20K

    Hi All, I want a phone with 4" inch screen, good processor and Android as close to the stock google android.. or with CM (After market rom) support I have considered 3 phones Galaxy Nexus - 19 - 21K in mumbai but no warranty (not worried about warranty much) Honor - 13.5K (it has...
  13. NoasArcAngel

    can someone suggest me a custom rom?

    can someone suggest me a custom rom which will work with a locked bootloader on xperia U? also can someone tell me / provide me a step by step guide on how to flash custom from, from the part where i have rooted the phone? also tell me how to flash a custom kernel(?) if necessary? thanks
  14. dashang

    how to backup rom in sony android mobile

    hi guys i have sony xperia sola ...... how can i backup ROM ??? wen i use ROM manager it restarts mobile and gives blue light and start normally
  15. D

    help mmx custom rom

    can anyone find me a custom rom for my friend. he has a micromax a52. Please HELP!!!!!:cry:
  16. R

    Rooting,Custom Roms and Bricking !!

    hello guys,Last week I rejected 25k offer for my galaxy S2 bcz I love this phone ...and now I want to Root my S2. I'm following Rooting Procedure tutuorial on ( How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 | Reviews | CNET UK ).Any1 followed this one? I know that Incorrectly Rooting may brick the phone...
  17. lovedonator

    Review of A Year Old I9000 Galaxy S

    Introduction What, a review of an year old cell phone? Either this lovedonator guy has gone mad or he had just bought a second hand device and is going to go all blah blah about how value for money it is. I’m sure many of you are thinking along the same lines after reading the title of this...
  18. R

    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Selling it on behalf of a friend. Fully working on Reliance. Has no scratches. Rooted and on a custom ROM. Lots of custom GB and ICS roms available Expected price: 9k
  19. guru_urug

    HTC Explorer no network problem :(

    Hey guys. I have a LG optimus one and am pretty experienced in flashing custom roms and modding. My friend got a HTC explorer and I followed the steps in this link---> * to root and unlock his bootloader. The process worked fine and he was...
  20. S

    flasing custom rom on galaxy fit

    hi i own galaxy fit i want to know that has anybody tried to flash custom rom on galaxy fit using rom manager and also does the rom manager backups the stock rom of the phone thanks
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