1. quagmire

    Popular torrent release group YIFY has shut down permanently

    Pretty old news, I was wondering why there was no discussion on TDF, so created this thread. PS: I have PM'd the mods, its safe to create this thread. Source : *
  2. ratul

    India loses one more of her treasured gem : Abdul Kalam died of a massive heart attack

    Can't find any words to describe, just that you'd always be in our hearts, forever, inspiration to the millions and generations to follow. RIP Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. :(:cryeyesout:
  3. theserpent

    Google I/O 2015-ANDROID M

    Best feature - now on tap rip shazam etc - - - Updated - - - Google photos - unlimited storage
  4. avinandan012

    RIP Mikhail Kalashnikov

    The legend who created "automatic from Kalashnikov or AK" series of guns. Which has been used by modern freedom fighters to terrorists to dictators alike for more than half a century. RIP
  5. .jRay.

    Rip ps2

    Sony stops production of ps2
  6. 101gamzer

    How to RiP/Backup Your PSP UMD Games

    Hi all this is my first tutorial I think all of you will find this useful Many of us are having our PSP lying around in our desks with many UMDs lying around the house it is really pain in the a** to take all of them with you so it is very essential to take the UMDs back up so you don't need to...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    dvd Ripper software?

    i'm looking for A good DVD ripping software which can rip legit DVD movies like iron man 2,transformers 3,Thor etc. into DVD quality(or slightly lesser quality) files(MPEG,MP4,DivX) on harddisk free is preferable, but if there are paid versions then post links to trial versions i've tried VLC...
  8. Alok

    RIP Whitney Houston

    I'll always love you. . :pray: *
  9. Sarath

    Which CD ripping software to use?

    I want to rip songs from my audio CDs. I usually listen to 320kbps MP3 files which are usually around 10MB for a 3min song. I have never ripped songs before but I know both itunes and WMP can do the job, apart from the many others. However I am curious as to which one is good and can be...
  10. S

    problem with mkv merge

    i want to rip dual audio in movies, one guy told me to use mkv merge gui software but he did not tell me how to use it please anyone help me out
  11. Gaurav265

    need software to rip protected vcd

    i have a original movie vcd(eagle entertainment) and it was protected so ,we cant copy it, i need a good software that can copy the movie.i have tried dvd decryptor,game copy,nero etc nothing vcd there is a software tht i have excute it to play the movie and movie is only...
  12. TheMost

    [Solved] What is Game Rip ?

    What is Game Rip ? :shock: ( 1.3GB folder for a 7GB game ?? ) ( i mean setup.bat to install ) 1)What is that ?? 2)Any Quality affairs ? :idea:
  13. bubusam13

    GTA 4 help

    Anybody using GTA 4 synergy rip, pls give me the arc.dll file. Its missing in my rip.
  14. MetalheadGautham

    Dio is Dead !!!

    Ronnie James Dio, of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven and Hell fame, the great heavy metal vocalist who first popularized the Devil's Horns symbol, is sadly no more with us. :CiobarAbt2Cry: Source: All over the internet RIP Dio
  15. ancientrites

    Actor Nirmal pandey is no more

    * RIP
  16. IronCruz

    Eger to know

    in some sites i've seen the words used "SOME GAME NAME"-RELOADED "SOME GAME NAME"-Full RIP etc what does this bolded words stand for...
  17. thetechfreak

    Micheal Jackson RIP..

    We all hope Micheal Jacskon will rest in peace.......keep your pryers here
  18. jain_pranav


    Hii guys.I have downloaded many Blue-Ray discs Rip content which is of high resolution i.e 1080p. I want to play that content on my LCD tv. I have a DVD writer. CAn u please tell me how can i burn that content on dvd's without loss of muc quality & which is easily playable on a dvd player.
  19. Plasma_Snake

    Watchmen Problem

    I'm getting this error whenever I try to run the game --------------------------- KapowMulti.exe - Unable To Locate Component --------------------------- This application has failed to start because PhysXLoader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem...
  20. L

    Buying Xbox in Delhi

    So I've decided that this is the best time to buy an Xbox (not 360) :p I've given it much thought, and I feel I'll be more happy with the original than the newer one. (also, I can't afford the 360 :rolleyes:) So if anyone is from Delhi, can you guys give me reliable addresses of shops in...
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