1. D

    UPS restarting pc

    I have a UPS which keeps restarting the pc. Its iball company and more than 2 years old. I kept the UPS aside due to this problem, i thought it was a battery issue (battery was replaced last year ) but today i reconnected the UPS and the same problem, it keeps restarting the pc. I happens when...
  2. K

    Urgent Help Required (WIndows 10 has entered into Restarting Loop)

    Dear Friends I recently tried updating the latest update of Windows 10 on my HP 2000 laptop, but now it has entered into restarting loop and i dont have any restore option nor its taking backup through troubleshoot option, now i want take the backup of my data as i have only one partition...
  3. N

    My rig keeps incessantly restarting at startup

    Hi All, I have a PC with the following config: Corsair GS 600 PSU Intel i7-2600k Zotac GTX 560 Ti 2x4 Corsair Vengeance (1333 MhZ) 2x2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RpM hard disks (Raid 0) Gigabyte motherboard (Kinda forgot the exact model number. Will update as soon as I find out) This rig was...
  4. ShankJ

    L520 restarting on its own after manual boot!

    My Lumia 520 keeps restarting every 20-30 seconds after booting up.. The loop continues till the time the cell doesnt get discharged.. I have tried flashing the ROM with the Lumia Software Recovery Toolkit but it isnt working.. Any bright ideas??
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Windows Explorer is Restarting

    Hi I am using Dell inspiron laptop and the specs are processor:core i3 RAM:3GB OS:windows 7 ultimate HDD:320gb for the past two days i am getting the message that "Windows explorer is stopped working" restart the program frequently(upto 15 times in an hour) and my system hangs on for a...
  6. R

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP in all the systems in our network. After successful installation its working fine with scott/tiger. But after restart of the machine when scott/tiger is given its saying "oracle not found". Help.
  7. S

    'Live with Walkman' restarting problem

    A few queries: A) The LWW restarting issue- Has it been fixed by Sony yet ? B) Also, is the battery life really too poor compared to others in that range (<13k) ? C) Considering the LWW issues havn't been fixed yet, what would be the next best choice for a 3.2" (minimum) screen and a...
  8. hjpotter92

    Windows 7 failing HDD (restarting repeatedly)

    For the past week, my machine with Windows 7 x64 on it is restarting when I am doing something worth, for eg. writing a program for assignments or playing a game. I am still able to watch movies/videos/surf over the internet continually for n-amount of time(without using my keyboard/mouse), but...
  9. zacfx05

    confused on spec

    hello frnds i was just checking my card with gpu-z and i found it says my gpu is a GF116 . my card is sparkle GTS 450 1GB DDR5 which is supposed to be GF104... is this ok or does my card have some issue......? i posted before about pc restarting issue whn i was playing but i had that...
  10. Nipun

    DVD Drive not detected until cable not re-plugged.

    My DVD Drive(of sony) is not detected by the computer unless I take the cable out and insert it again. Earlier, it was working very well. But, after 2-3 days from receiving of computer, the DVD drive was not detected. However, restarting the PC resolved this. 1-2 weeks later, this repeated...
  11. H

    Problem with my cell phone

    I am having sonyericson k8ooi it is restarting after sometimes what can be the problem
  12. BlueShadow

    Error Showing whenever logging on pc

    whenever i start my pc i see an error saying "huagceras.exe has occured problem" Also sometimes my display driver igxprd32.exe crashes and on restarting say error"system has recovered from a serious illness" tell me a solution
  13. Arnab boss

    Help me with my psu...'

    Guys my friend has rig with following hardwares....' Asus m3a 78 t.. Amd 5600 + 2*2 gb zion ram 800mhz 500 gb hdd 2 opt drives lg & asus light scribe.. Gpu xfx 9600 gt... Case cm 690...' He has a psu of zebronics 600 w platinum series which he bought 2 month ago...,now today in...
  14. Patriot

    Pc keeps on restarting ??? Help

    I bought a new system a week ago P-4 Dual core, 2GB ram, 320GB HDD, running winxp sp2 It worked fine the first day, but then when i connected it to the net at night, i dunno what happened, now whenever i use use internet, for the first 2 min, it works fine and then BAM, restart Without net, it...
  15. B

    restarting problem

    hi guys...I hv a problm ,can u help me???one of my frnd's computer had two 128mb ddr1 I installed a 512mb ram n started the started as before n showed that it has 632mb of ram...system was very slow,so I formatted the c drive.when installation completed the windows restarted n...
  16. P

    PC bootup problem

    hi all, recently my pc is not booting.when i press power button,processor and smps fans are rotating and LED's are blinking and then both fans are restarting itself..after few seconds,it's once again restarting..I dont know whats the problem?? please help me...:confused::x
  17. H

    Help me.. !! Unusual Vista problem.

    Hi guys, I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate with 1GB RAM and a Dual Core processor. Yesterday evening when there was a power cut my UPS didnt function, so my system abruptly switched off.. :(:( Then when I switched it on today I was welcomed with the login screen, but when I clicked my user...
  18. tech_creeds

    restart windows explorer without restarting the sysytem

    Good evening friends, Is there any way to restart windows explorer without actually restarting the system (on installing new software's and uninstalling some demand for a restart).I am using windows vista h.p. i read a code in some magazine about saving some code in bat extension, but don't...
  19. S

    Urgent Help needed!! PC restarting abruptly

    Hi All, My PC config is P4 3.0GHz HT, 2GB DDR 400MHz RAM, Nvidia GeForce 8400GS PCI Exp Graphics card, 2 x 80GB Samsung and 1 x 360GB Sata HDD.My power supply is Intex 400W. From yesterday,the PC boots fine but after say 3-4 mins after booting, it restarts abruptly.I tried this many times and...
  20. amc888

    Query about Nokia 3110C

    I am going to purchase Nokia 3110C soon. Is it really good? Some of my friends told me that this mobile has serious software problems (I mean the famous restarting problem). Is it solved or not in new 3110C models? Please help me.........
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