Urgent Help Required (WIndows 10 has entered into Restarting Loop)


Dear Friends

I recently tried updating the latest update of Windows 10 on my HP 2000 laptop, but now it has entered into restarting loop and i dont have any restore option nor its taking backup through troubleshoot option, now i want take the backup of my data as i have only one partition thats C and d is for recovering option ( which is not working). please help me with options where i can take my data backup and then can go for reset option. if anyone has alternative pls helpout


Too much trouble to type so
Try this: *www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zkvlcnv-UU
How To Fix A Windows 7 Infinite Reboot Loop
Though it say win 7 lop problem, most have similar solutions.

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Additionally be ready to format. You should keep a live boot copy of any Linux distro so that you can backup the data from the windows partition to other partition and format an reinstall win 10 in windows partition.

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Do post what you did to fix the problem and what happened.
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