Help me with my psu...'

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Guys my friend has rig with following hardwares....'

Asus m3a 78 t..
Amd 5600 +
2*2 gb zion ram 800mhz
500 gb hdd
2 opt drives lg & asus light scribe..
Gpu xfx 9600 gt...
Case cm 690...'

He has a psu of zebronics 600 w platinum series which he bought 2 month ago...,now today in the morning he started his system and within 4 sec he heard a sound frm his psu and frm then his sys in not restarting...' we can assume that its the psu but for 2 months it was running fine...! Now what could hppn with it suddenly...?

now it has a 3 yrs warranty but will he get if his psu is burnt...?

What he should he do now....?


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burnt products wont have warranty as such, you can still try. but ask him to shift to something like the cooler master 460w real power at 3600 bucks its a very PSU with 80%+ certified .
Arnab boss

Arnab boss

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even I think so and I told him he is some what gone insane as he brought it 2 mnths ago..@2.9k now again a new psu he has no words...'

As I thank god that it saved me as I was also planning to buy zebronics pro 700 w @ 5.7k cing him I will opt 4 Corsair or tagan...'


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Zebronics Platinum are not a premium one. But their pro series are actually HEC OEM, which is far far better than platinum series.
and platinum series are much cheaper too. 600W is for some 2.2k or somethin. They arent even dual rail, but looks cool.
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