Query about Nokia 3110C

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I am going to purchase Nokia 3110C soon. Is it really good? Some of my friends told me that this mobile has serious software problems (I mean the famous restarting problem). Is it solved or not in new 3110C models? Please help me.........


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i have used 3110c for 4/5 months before selling it and buy e51. while using 3110c i never had a single problem. its a fantastic phone for below 5k. good sound quality while on call, very good quality sound when using headphone,amazing battery life!,very hardy(many times it fell from my hand)browsing speed also good, I mean while using a i just had no problems whatsoever.But as i felt like buying a new one and already had 6233( which is ofcourse better than 3110c) so just sold it.
Go ahead and buy ! u wont regret :)

( maybe what ur friends told was a fault with some particular sets, not for the model)

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