Anyone Using Speedfan for their Cabinets? I need Help


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Hello all,

I need Suggestion and Help from those who use Speedfan to control their Case Fans.
I use it but as i see i can Control only the CPU Fan ( Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo) , and cannot find any setting to use the rest of the Case Fans. Can anybody Help me?

Speedfan version is 4.45 and My Cabinet is Corsair Carbide 400 R
Thank You.

Ishu Gupta

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Depends on the motherboard and the fans. And speedfan isn't a great software.

Better to use the software that came with the mobo (FanXpert for ASUS etc).


Software like Speedfan etc can control only system fans ->the fans connected directly to motherboard.
For case fans either you have to use hardware knobs and controllers that comes attached to Case or else its not possible.
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