Extreme Overheating - Dell XPS 1530 - Need advice


Hello friends,

I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop purchased two and a half years back. The laptop had a heating issue since the beginning, the palm rest area burns even during normal load like surfing the web (using firefox) or MS office usage. While playing games, it goes over the roof and sometimes it just restarts or shuts down due to excessive heating.

During the first year (guarantee period), I got my hard disk and heat sink changed. But, within a year it was again kaput, hard disk had developed bad sectors. Now, they won't let me buy normal warranty because if HDD is damaged, they have some pacakges that are costing over the rood (18k something for a year).

Now, this laptop is heating to 70-75 degrees during normal operations and palm rest is so hot that it is getting difficult to work. I cannot keep it on my lap and watch movies. It just pains me to see such a costly machine having such issues.

Please help me get out of this problem.
Why are they no giving you normal warrenty if it is because I think you should upgrade your HDD and get the normal one . Call them up and confirm this .Transfer data from that Old HDD to new one and format it .

Then you can eighter use that HDD for a desktop , sell it or case it into USB2.0 .

PS :- Is this problem only with you or others also face this problem ?



Did you mean that I get a new HDD for my laptop and use the old one in various ways you mentioned. After that, I should call them up and ask for the normal warranty?
Call them up first and say will they give normal warranty if i do this . If they give you a good price do that or look for more options .
That will be a very good option but then again do you want extended warranty or not ? I gave that suggetion so that you may be able to get extended warranty for a much cheaper price there are other options too to help reduce the computers temperature.
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