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 MacManiac
I have Sony Vaio VGN-FS38GP Lapktop, talking about its features its just the best laptop around. I say this coz I asked for the Sony Vaio lappy that Digit reviewed in the month on October instead my brother bought the latest in Viao Series. Now this is the first time that I've put my hands on a Laptop and hence I have lot of queries!!
1) I want to establish a wireless bluetooth connection between my PC and Laptop, I would require a bluetooth device for that hence I want the model name for a good bluetooth device that I can purchase. I went around asking for bluetooth device in some shops but those fellows put a blank face infront of me

2) I am unable to connect my Nokia 6630 to my Laptop via bluetooth, What setting should I have to make ??

3) Is it possible to connect the hardisk and optical drives of my PC to my Laptop ? If yes, what would I require( exact specification of the hardware) ?
For the moment I will be happy if I can solve these 3 probs.


1.If you are talking about a bluetooth dongle then get a new one which works.I got one for 500 odd bucks,dont know the brand name.

2.Check whether you have paired the device for it to work.Which OS are you running?

3.Hard drives & optical drives can be connected through external exclosures which are freely available in the market.I'm not sure of optical drive external exclosures though,dont even know if they even exist.

But a 3.5" IDE External casing cost be 700 bucks.The big drawback is the power adapter is a huge & becomes quite a problem to carry.

You also get 2.5" Laptop external hard drives with casing which get the power through USB,pretty slick & small to carry.


Broken In
Dude networking using Bluetooth is painfully slow. The technology wasn't intended for such kind of heavy duty traffic (as compared to ones between phones and other smaller devices). You'll get transfer rate of about 115kb (not B!).

Why don't you get a wi-fi card for your PC? It would anyday be a better option in the long run.

Bluetootj dongles are very cheap. I got one for 800 bucks with a year and a half warranty.

For connecting your phone, you'll have to turn on bluetooth in both the devices and then search for one of them on the other. Next provide the authentication passkey. This process is called pairing.


 MacManiac
Man I searched around in a couple of shops for Bluetooth Dongle but I did not find any as of now. I would like to know the name of the hardware with I can connect my CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Harddisk to my Laptop ?? I want atleast that for now I can wait for Bluetooth dongle.
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