how do i start my own forums in my lan??

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hi ppl,
in other words i want to start a web which the ppl in my lan can meet and share our views/exchange tips etc just like we do here..

What all do i require and which is the easliest way to do it??




hey man why do you want to start it in your local area network????
make it world wide..... hey see if you want paid... go for the linux space more than 15 mb with a cool domain name.... and you will get a forum just like digit have...

P.S.: I also provide this service :wink:


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If you dont have internet connectivity and want it to be on Lan ( i assume its some office Lan) then heres how ( but keeping on internet will enable to them to use it anytime anywhere).

All u require is a webserver (apache or IIS, PWS) php language ( * ), mySQL database( * ) or even Ms Acess will also do.

After all thats installed goto * and download the lastest version of phpbb (the forum software).

For installation instructions follow the tutorial by Geek Rohit in Tutorial Section heres the link ( * )

Hope thats helps


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geek_rohit's tutorial is for installing phpBB when you have webspace (either free or paid)...i think u might b able 2 start a LAN server if u make ur PC a not qualified enough to explain how u can do that...but 2 start off, u will need the 4 programs tuxian mentioned ie Apache/IIS, PHP, MySQL/MS SQL/Access, and phpBB2...
the following link might help:



You will need a Linux webserver and an intranet. Install PCQ Linux 2005. It comes with Apache, MySQL, phpBB, etc. That is all that you will need to have a forum on LAN. Just search on how to setup an intranet with PCQLinux as server.


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@Nemesis: well the begining part is for the wepspace but after the file are ftp'ied then the installation will be the same for webpace or LAN, Idont think the installation part may differ cuz I installed it at both the places webserver and LAN but didnt find any differnce except the host name. .

If I am wrong someone correct me


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u can install phptriad, apache and phpbb like here on your personal pc and you can run a forum like here on your pc. It would be global but, it may have flaws and you might not be able to run it all the times.

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Hello 'thegame_rulez',
I don't know your problem is solved or not but I'm providing u a link of a tutorial. Hope it will be useful to u. I've also used the tutorial to solve the problem that you were facing.
follow the link and download the tutorial.


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Opps!!! I forgot to mention that I made this tutorial with BBaCE (forum with RPG mods preinstalled). If you don't want a forum with RPG Games then either u can use phpBB or smf. In my opinion SMF will be the best choice in another case. It's easy to install and configure. Another feature is autoinstaller, You can install mods easily. That means you won't have to manually modify files as in phpBB. phpBB has got easyMod, but it's not compatible with every mods.
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