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I want to uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows XP. I tried deleting the files from Program files Folder. Now i cannot open any services as they require IE. What should i do next. Does no other browsers be able to open the servies.


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You can install another browser like Opera or Firefox, then make it default Browser. Most extensions will now associate with the new browser.

If any extension still look for IE, just take it property and click change button to associate with new browser or another application.


didnt anyone tell u NEVER to delete program files to get rid of them ?
goto microsoft.com and get urself a copy if ie and reinstall
then from control panel => add/remove programs => add remove windows components
deselect INTERNET EXPLORER and click next and follow the steps

be advised this removes the IE software and the links from various places ( like start menu , desktop )
it DOES NOT remove the core components of IE ...s o u can still use a browser like MAXTHON which resides on an IE base
ofcourse u can use alternatives as already mentioned !

what kinda services are u talkin abt anyways ?
it depends ...
ull also have to set ur new browser as default browser

last but not least just my 2 cents. . why do u wanna remove IE ?
just let it sit there ... as long as u dun use it .. nuthings gonna happen
the services that require IE .. for eg. say the hotmail email link from msn messenger ... opens only in ie !
and theru opera with some tweaks ...
with other browsers i havent seen such a tweak
so basically what im sayin is .. u cannot change this ..
so let it be !


m8 i tottaly agree with raven in his veiws and he is completely correct
i think that even the windows file browser (whetehr simple or explorer) depend on ie

to get your files back either use system restore or run the command "sfc /scannow" from the run command, you wil need your windows cd for the second command
or the last way is to get the files from some friends system and add them to your computer


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Windows Explorer depends on IE or IE depend on Windows Explorer ?

I think there is no problem in deleting the IEXPLORE.EXE file (other than IE specific functions will not work).

Can sachin_kothari tell us what is not working after deleting IE files ?

It will be better to keep IE as it is and install other browsers. I use IE and Opera. Most of the time Opera, but some sites need IE.
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