Reliance Wimax- A pain in the ass

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When I subscribed for the Reliance Wimax connection I was hoping for writing a fantabulous review about this service but my dream did not materialize. Continue reading this post to know why the title is TOO JUSTIFIED.
Before proceeding further to discuss about how Reliance Wimax is cheating customers in the name of Wimax service we need to know what is Wimax?? In short and purely technological term it is the short way of representing IEEE 802.16 specification. ( Other wireless standards are IEEE 802.15, also known as Bluetooth, for the Personal Area Network (PAN); IEEE 802.11, also known as WiFi, for the Local Area Network (LAN); for the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and IEEE 802.20 for the Wide Area Network (WAN). In general it is the technology to provide last mile high speed wireless access as an alternative to wired broadband connection this is achieved through a Point to Point connection from ISP to the end user..........Contd.....

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thanks for solving the "pain in the ass"

EDIT: Read the article, frightening!

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So I doubt what a highest priority escalation mean for them .
i work for tech support... & it means nothing but a caution for the next rep tht the customer calling is a pain in ass ..
btw i work for US tech support & unlike INDIA here customer satisfaction is the highest priority & stuff ...


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i jsut got wimax installed the 2 mbps connection ... im in bombay... the service so far has sucked so bad.... first of all they took like 3 weeks to come to my place after filling their form... then the guy forgets to leave the user login details.. i wasnt at home when he installed it... then when i call them the sales guy doesnt know who installed it at my hosue and he takes a couple of days to find that out... after that i do some bandwidth tests and realize its not a 2 mbps him to say that...he says hes not sure if my connectionp was messed up and now is again tryign to fidn out what he has installed...its been over 36 hrs and yet no reply from him...

any body knwo the URL for the customer interface for this connection??.. cause he dint have any clue about what i was talking about...


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desai_amogh said:
btw i work for US tech support & unlike INDIA here customer satisfaction is the highest priority & stuff ...

Unfortunately in India most service providers gives it last priority :(


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my wimax connection is also not working from last one week, i keep them calling them everyday they come with a new excuse or another like we are updating the server, in whole india we are having the problems, it will be resolved in 2 hrs, ur problem has been reported to techincal team................. n what not. But still nothing happens...
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