1. A

    save updates

    hi everyone. i want to know where the windows updates are stored [downloaded via automatic updates]. i want to save update install files on secure media i.e CD so that if in case i need to reinstall vista or use system restore, i don,t need to download them again. i want want to save vista...
  2. ninad_mhatre85

    reinstalling xp when linux is installed

    hi i have fedora 8 & win xp installed on my PC due some problems in XP i want to reinstall win xp . if i do it directly it will create many problems with my LINUX installation and i dont want to do that infact i did it once and ended up installing xp & linux again took me 3-4 hrs for this...
  3. heartripple

    dual os problem

    hey guys i was using to os in my pc 1 ) Windows XP SP 2 2 ) Ubuntu 7.10 with my this configuration AMD ATHLON 64 x 2 4200 ASUS M2N-MX 1 GB DDR 2 667 Mhz 320 GB WESTERN DIGITAL HDD SONY DRU 170 AW DVD writer two days ago suddenly my pc got hang for 5 to 10 times. it was not...
  4. blackpearl

    How to backup repositories in OpenSuse

    Where are all the downloaded repositories stored in Opensuse? How do I back them up so that I don't have to download them again later? And how do I reinstall all those applications from the backup? A detailed working guide is desired.
  5. phuchungbhutia

    Nokia Pc Suite problem

    Nokia pc suite is causing problem . . I cant get it connected . . Connection failed reinstall pc suite comes up . . I had to reinstall it last time . . Now again the same prob has arrived . . Wat to do . . Is this problem always gonna come up again . . I dont want to install again n again . ...
  6. mukherjee

    NFS Most Wanted install prob

    My system refuses to install NFS-MW citing that i have no latest dx 9c installed! but this is false...i do have it installed. is there a way to work around it? if u can please suggest me how to uninstall and reinstall directx9 if possible.
  7. ComputerUser

    Overwriting XP

    I want to reinstall XP. Can I reinstall it without formatting the drive? Will the existing programs work with the new installation?
  8. hluachawngthu

    Problem with Avast 4.7 Home Edition

    I was choosing Avast 4.7 Home edition from among other Antivirus softs for 3 years. But since four months back I've got a problem like this - when I start my Pc there´s a red circle on avast! a-ball icon in system tray and when I click on it, the error message appears saying "the AAVM subsystem...
  9. J

    media monkey playlist transfer

    hello folks, am planning to reinstall my OS and I happen to use media monkey to play my music. I was just wondering if i can save my current playlists and then import it into the media player once I reinstall it. I dont like the idea of selecting songs and making the playlists again. PLease...
  10. aQi_g

    How can i reinstall windows One Care?

    I have installed Microsoft's windows OneCare trial version(90 days), i want to knw how can i reinstall WOC after the trial version expires,?
  11. S

    How to format and reinstall OS?

    Hello friends, My friend is having HCL Beanstalk 4998 Media center PC. Now he wants to format and reinstall OS. How to reinstall OS? He is having 2 CD's named as recovey cd.. How to format and reinstall OS using that recovery cd?
  12. rohan

    How often do you reinstall windows?

    It's that time again... games won't run.. everything's sluggish.. half of the programs run with problems.. rest half won't run at all. And well.. it's time to reinstall windows. So, my question is.. how frequently do you need to reinstall windows? My question is how often you *need* to.. i am...
  13. *GandaBerunda*

    how to reinstall XP from vista-xp dual boot?

    i was having xp installed on my c drive and i recently installed vista on my d my xp has become sluggish, so i want to reinstall can i do this? can some one give me the proper way to do this and maintain the dual boot....
  14. T

    Mcafee installation problems!!!

    HI guys, i've got weird problem on my PC. I had Mcafee Security centre. But i was slowing down my PC. So I unistalled mcafee and installed Avast!. But i didn't like it; I decided to install Mcafee again. I uninstalled avast. When i tried to reinstall again it just stops at the beginning of the...
  15. entrana

    Hard disk one mobo to another help required

    hey guys im currently using this crappy msi rc410m mobo. im gonna get a new pc with a new mobo so can i just use my current hard drive with that mobo? do i have to reinstall windows or something
  16. rakee

    Reinstall IE7 in vista

    Hi I know its simple to reinstall or remove IE7 in Windows XP. Can anyone help me to do a reinstall of IE7 in vista home premium. I tried Googling. No go. Regards Rakesh
  17. Sukhdeep Singh

    VMWare Import/Export

    Hi I need a little help. I have few Virtual Machines in VMware 5. Now i want to format Windows and reinstall the OS. Can anyone help me on how to Import these Virtual Machines stored on D: when i reinstall XP and VMWARE ? No one????????????
  18. T

    Converting file system on Windows

    Can I convert file systems on my C drive to ntfs without any need to reinstall windows by using command Convert C:/fs:ntfs?
  19. patkim

    Norton 2003 Trouble

    My Norton Internet 2003 failed to load recently. Since then I could neither install nor de-install the product. Now other Antivirus like Trend Micro fails to install indicating presence of Norton. As a last option I am going to format and reinstall XP. However just wanted to know if there's any...
  20. S

    [Reinstall XP] How to save UPDATES downloaded from internet??

    Hello everyone... I need to format my hard disk and reinstall everything... Since, I am on a dial-up connexn, I can't sit again and watch as sooooooo many updates get downloaded AGAIN after I reinstall XP.... How can I save all the updated files in my current OS and again apply them when I...
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