1. D

    Re installation

    I am using Windows 7 Professional, Office 2007 Home and Student and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. Of late, my system is behaving peculiarly. So, I have decided to reformat and reinstall. I would like to know if I have to activate all the softwares after reinstallation? If so, should...
  2. R2K

    how often do u guys format and reinstall your OS

    I used to format my pc and reinstall os every month :grin:.....but Now its 6 months since my last OS reinstallation....and everything seems to be going fine now....:grin: So how often do u guys reinstall the OS on ur pc.:-)
  3. Sridhar_Rao

    Go ubuntu 8, come ubuntu 10, but how?

    On my desktop, I have both XP and Ubuntu 8 installed. Recently, Ubuntu seems to have problems, it freezes often. I'd like to uninstall it completely and reinstall Ubuntu 10 in its place. A step-by-step guide would be very helpful.
  4. S

    Please help

    Recently one of my clients PC has got struck in a strange problem. After booting up first time, refreshing it hangs every thing. And then the reset switch has to be pressed and its all right. Cant figure out the prob as there are no error messages. event log is also alright. Please help as I...
  5. S

    How to recover data after o/s reinstall?

    Hi guys, is there a way to recover data post windows reinstall? I unfortunately lost a huge chunk of data in this process......can I do something to recover them?
  6. R

    Reinstall XP from folder

    Is it possible to copy the XP source to a folder and do a reinstall from there whenever required? I need this in a school lab where we dont have CD drives on all systems. Every time some maintenance is to be done, I am having to open up the system to connect a CD drive temporarily for the job...
  7. zegulas

    HDD's data lost

    I had Windows XP installed, with 4 partitions one of them was FAT32, others NTFS. Some Windows files got corrupted and the PC refused to start, so had to reinstall XP, later I found out that the FAT32 partition didn't show any contents, first I thought they got hidden, so took the necessary...
  8. rajwansh2003

    Can't Open

    I am using BSNL EVDO 2.4 Mbps, in Windows XP SP3, With Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 3. when ever i want to open it says "Address Not Found" in less than one second without searching. When i format my computer and reinstall XP it open for few days then stops? It does not work in even...
  9. MambaXL

    Please Help. regarding graphics

    I am soon switching from my onboard G965 to XFX GTX260. Please give me a complete guide to do the same. BTW, I have Vista Home Basic x64 SP1 running on ASUS P5B-VM. I dont want want to reinstall windows and there is also too much stuff for taking backup. Please Help. Thnx. XFX GX-260N-ADF9...
  10. P

    re installing windows xp

    i am running my machine on win xp now i want to remove win xp and reinstall pl help
  11. R

    Reinstalling WinXP without activting again!!

    HI friends!! I have a licensed copy of windows xp SP2 installed on my computer( dual core 2GHZ, 1gb ddr2, 160gb HDD) The os has become unstable and keeps crashing. can anybody tell me how to reinstall the OS without having to reacctivate?
  12. T

    whats wrong with my dreamweaver

    hi there, whenever i try to run my dreamweaver 8 it says problem with your instalation a reinstall may solve it but when i reinstall it again says the same i try to install from another setup but problem is same can any one help me.SOftware is leagal which was given me in my college workshop as...
  13. S

    uninstall vista

    hi i am having hp desktop preinstalled vista home basic. i want to srap it and install xp can i format if so how can i reinstall vista with my recovery disk later pl enlighten folks
  14. amitash

    Vista reinstall issue

    HI i had bought orriginal windows vista ultimate 64 bit and installed it on my older config with msi eclipse since i have the new gigabyte mobo i want to re-format and reinstall windows on the new setup...Now how do i go about doing this without voiding my license as there was a change...
  15. Y

    ubuntu 8.04 reinstallation problem

    hi m new to ubuntu n my problem is that i had my system with hardy running but problem came when i tried reinstall due a problem in the windows partition. wen i try to reinstall it goes fine up to the manual partition stage but after that wen i click install button it goes back to the partition...
  16. Dr.tweaker

    sony ericsson k550i showing usb device not recognized problem

    hi,of late my cell or windows! have developed an annoying problem,whenever i connect my SE k550i my comp says usb device not recognized message,.The set is 3 months old,i have se pc suit installed,this occurs irrespective of phone mode or file transfer mode.then i have to reinstall pc suit...
  17. alok4best

    Account type drop down not populating in Outlook 2007

    Hi frnds, its a weird prb I m facing. While setting up an email account manually in Outlook 2007, I am not able to get anything in the account type dropdown. Any resolution for the same, I have already tried reinstall option. thumbnail attached above. Hoping to get some quick hotfixes from u guys.
  18. ayushman9

    Norton 360 saying to uninstall then reinstall

    I am using norton 360 v1.0 ,which was given to me by my vendor and i intalled it with a valid licesnse key ,after purchasing my pc . After i have installed it ,it run fine for say 10 hours ,during which it runs fine download updates or so ,and scan my pc . However after 10 hours or so it says...
  19. smile

    Help Help Plzz Help?

    Hi..... Guys :) I have Youtelecom Brod band connection and speed is 96 K bps . The problem is when i enter any websites address it doesn't connected only after three to four times i refresh then it connects :( happens both in IE & FF , I scan my system , reinstall Firefox , infact when i...
  20. entrana

    very important motherboard issue

    hey guys my pc is coming on monday, being repaired. currently my mobo is phased out so im replacing it with p5n-e-sli. since they are the same chipset do i have to reinstall my os or can i just run in safe mode uninstall previous drivers and reinstall the asus drivers. also they are 650i the...
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