1. K

    PC DVD ROM and the region format ...

    Will the region format concerns for PC DVD ROM also? currently i am in india and the DVDs that i have bought are all of region 5 format and it is playing fine so far and i am planning to buy some DVDs for and it has only region 1 and contains only region 2. the japan or france...
  2. Brave_Hunt

    Combo drive's Region Playback Controll

    Heythere! I have a LG Combo drive which model number is HL-DT-ST- 4480B and because of running some original DVD's my DVD rom has locked in region3 that I'm not being able to change anymore I had a DVD rom from LG too previously which model number was DRD-8080B when I got the same problem with...
  3. S

    Firmware with or without DVD region free hack for DVD player

    I have a Toshiba SD 42HK home theatre system. Whenever I try to play any VCD , my standalone DVD player plays it for sometime and then starts playing from the starting point again. I have noticed this usually takes place between 0-15 minutes of the track only. I had applied a DVD region free &...
  4. K

    DVD Problem-Cant Read DVD's

    Hello friends, I am having samsung dvdrom. I am unable to view the digit dvds, where as i am able to play vcds. Is there any software or tool to check the lens or status of dvd. I have No of region changes pending is 1. How to rectify the problem Please help me karthik
  5. S

    Samsung DVD ROM Drive is good ?

    I have a Samsung DVD ROM which is attached with my P-III computer. It was working finely. But one day I saw that it could not read DVD disk, however it can read CD disk tll now. From the 'DVD Region' of 'properties' of DVD ROM drive I found that current region shows 'Region 1'. But India...
  6. swatkat

    Solution to all ur Audio/Video conversion,splitting,joining

    Hi, Got a site which has ALL the softwares to convert/split/join etc ur Audio/Video.It has topics ranging from "Convertin WAV to MP3" to "How to Record Phone Conversation in MP3" to "DVD to AVI to MPEG " and more( and also about region codes!). Web site is:- * It's...
  7. S

    DVD Player Features....

    Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a DVD player. Can you please suggest the features that I should be looking for ? Is a DVD player affected by the region locking feature that a normal DVD ROM Drive has? Thanks
  8. yogi7272

    hack for region lock on LG dvd player

    i have got a LG DS8421P dvd player which has it's region locked to 5. does anyone know how to make it a region free ? please suggest few tricks.
  9. J

    Wasn't LiteON DVD ROM Region Free?

    I got a DVD ROM drive after looooong wait from the digit upgrade 2 dvd offer. It's wroking nicely. I can run the digit dvd without setting any region for the drive. I heard on this forum itself that the drive was region free and you can change the region unlimited no. of times. It was shown in...
  10. S

    Pen Drives

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a Pen Drive. Which is a reliable brand? Sony Transcend LG Other, please specify Warranty & Prices in the Mumbai region of the above drives for 128 / 256 / 512 MB would be helpful. Thanks, Shyam
  11. S

    Suggest Dvd Rom

    Hi Friends I am Planning to buy a new Dvd Rom Drive so Please suggest me a good one(latest but best) which can play most formats and also can be made region free.I mean easy RPC1 Firmware update so that i can play Dvds from any region
  12. tango_cash

    is my p.c config suitable for a dvd drive

    i need some info on dvd drives .my pc's config is - 333mhz celeron processor , intel 810 motherboard , 128 mb ram , 20 gb hdd, a c.d writer(52x L.G), a CREATIVE c.d rom. win 98 s.e. now what i wannna know is can i instal a dvd drive on my p.c is my configuration o.k or do i need to upgrade my...
  13. K

    Liteon 16X DVD ROM Firmware Flashing.

    I have ordered the above mentioned drive but I have a question which I have posted before in General section. But haven't got any answer so I am posting here again: In the comparison given by techno_funky, I can see that in Region Protection section, for Liteon, changes is given as n/a. Now...
  14. S

    Dvd Player (changing Region code)

    I have a Toshiba Home theatre system. Region code on my DVD player can be changed only 5 times. Is there any way to make it unlimited???? Also, what is the region code for india???
  15. D

    DVD Region Codes

    just vote :)
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