1. setanjan123

    Queries about Steam Traders

    So ive been recently buying a lot of games from sites like reapershop and steamz and the like . The prices are somehow lower than steam prices even on sale . After a debate with a friend on how safe steam gifts and keys bought from 3rd party sites are ive been in deep thought . How do these...
  2. P

    Ps3 / ps4 / xbox 360 / xbox one??? Which one (Urgrnt)

    Hi guys i need help quick I have some relatives in dubai Now,i am planning to ask them to bring me a console I Plan To Buy Ither Xbox 360/Ps3 combo or ps4 or Xbox one(if price is less or without accessories both xbox and ps4 are avalable under budget then both of next gen consoles)...
  3. V

    Suggestion for PS4

    Hello, I am happily using my PS3, now came to know that "Uncharted 4" and "Assassin's Creed " are going to be released only for PS4. So planning to buy PS4 but the price of PS4 in India is insane hence if I get a PS4 from US will it work here? I know the games are not region locked, but...
  4. jak3072

    Re: Best PSN Account Region??

    Hey ppl thanks for all the replies to my earlier thread. The next thing I would like to ask you guys is which region offers the best PSN deals? I have seen many ppl talking about creating USA account or Japan Account. Was wondering what you guys use?? (only for the ps3)
  5. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on a Blu Ray Drive

    My current DVD ROM Drive is gone kaput and I intend to get a Blu Ray Drive. Which is the best brand to get and if I get one will it be region free so that I can play a Blu Ray Disks on it? Kindly share your views.
  6. A

    Halloween Sale , Need to buy Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition somehow?

    There's fallout 3 New vegas : UE on sale for 4.99$ [But it's not available in India] 1. How do i get the key? 2. Even if i get will it be region blocked in India? 3. Will i be restricted from downloading the game from steam? Please help sale is only till 1st november
  7. S

    Region wise lock in Samsung S4

    Hi, One of my friends purchased a S4 from Middle East to use in India. He never used the phone until it reached here. After putting an Indian sim , it is asking for a unlock number [The sim is not having any PIN number. It was working fine in another phone.]. I came to know that Samsung started...
  8. K

    [For Sale] Blu-Rays for Sale

    Following Blu-rays are for sale... LOT 1 1) i, Robot - indian Edition - Region B, C - 500 2) Crank 2 - High Voltage - US Edition - Region A - 300 3) Fantastic 4/ Fantastic 4 - Rise of Silver Surfer Double Pack - UK Edition - Region B - 800 4) Chaos, The Bank Job 2 Blu-ray Pack - UK Edition -...
  9. ranjitsd

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified game4u key region restricted
  10. baiju

    [For Sale] 'Lord of the Rings Extended' and BBC 'Life' Blu-Ray disk sets

    Product Name: Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Ray Region B. Product Description: Contains 6 Blu-Ray disks and a bundle of extra DVDs. Bought from amazon UK. The disks are region locked to 'B'. Product condition: 9/10, since it is used. All the disks are in mint condition. Only the...
  11. aroraanant

    Motorola shuts down operations in Asia Pacific

    BGR India is reporting that Motorola Mobility will be shutting down operations in the Asia Pacific region, except in Australia and Korea. This decision was made after Motorola laid off 20 percent of its work force and decided to shrink its operations in Asian countries. It is being said that...
  12. mayanks_098

    [Complaint] Flipkart/Disney selling wrong region coded DVD. Also deleting review.

    Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, we all love Flipkart. I do to (seriously) We love how it has changed the Indian eCommerce scene. I am not a Flipkart hater, infact I (used to?) love them. Have bought variety of products from them in the past, and may hopefully continue to do so in the future, provided I...
  13. M

    Best Maruti Suzuki servicing in Mumbai!

    hey guys I need to service my Ritz Zxi soon.My three free services are over and dont wish to continue with Navnit motors.Please let me know good dealer near ghatkopar-Mulund region. Thanks and Regards, Mandar.
  14. doomgiver

    really old desktop/laptop

    any p1/p2/p3 will do. seller prefrerably in delhi/ncr region. reason : experimenting with networking price : Rs. 500-2000
  15. mukherjee

    Region free DVD Player

    Can sumbody please provide information about region free dvd players available with price,if possible?
  16. abhijit_reddevil

    Query regarding PS3

    Hi guys, Finally I decided to buy the PS3 120GB latest version here in US. I just have one query: Is there any region lock like DVD's which are region locked? Essentially what I want to know is that whether I can use the PS3 I purchase here back in India without any trouble? Also thinking of...
  17. digitalage

    region free

    can i make my dvd player region free. (compaq laptop with mitshi dvd writters)
  18. D

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only # Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, DTS Surround Sound, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen # Language: English, German, Italian # Subtitles: English, Spanish # Region: Region 1 (Will work fine on...
  19. Disc_Junkie

    Osama's location according to a media report

    Osama hiding in Pak's Hindu Kush mountains: Report Washington: The United States is said to have tracked down the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in the impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan's scenic Chitral region, according to a media report. America won't say it...
  20. T

    plz plzz solve this prob?

    i am 2nd year student in computer i want to training in vacation. but i dont know where n how? so advise me plzz some company in NCR region (specially in faridabad). and also give the procedure to apply. plzzzzzzz
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