1. B

    Card reader not working

    Hi, I bought Quantum QHM5088 All in 1 card reader. When I insert it in any pc, it displays a message installing drivers but then nothing happens. There is no usb drive found in my computer. I have tried it in different computers using Win XP and Win 7 but the result was the same. I downloaded...
  2. Krazy_About_Technology

    Where to buy genuine Lenovo Thinpad parts in Mumbai?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased my Thinkpad X240 from US through a relative. While ordering he did wrong customization and although the model came with the same Processor, RAM and HDD config as I wanted, it is missing the fingerprint reader, wwan 3g card and backlight keyboard. Out of these...
  3. Abhishek_Z

    Kindle Voyage v/s Rest of the E-books

    I am looking forward to buy an e-book. *:evil:please stop reading if you are already thinking of suggesting, don't buy e-book, buy a tablet:-x* I don't mind spending around 14k for good reading experience. My question is should I buy Kindle Voyage or go for tried and tested Paperwhite or are...
  4. M

    Help needed urgently

    Hi guys I own i5 based pc and I have faced a problem twice in last month. Whenever I connect memory card via a card reader , amidst the data transfer the card reader loses connectivity and show error message your card needs to be formatted to proceed. This has occured twice, I changed my card...
  5. Ironman

    Blu-Ray Combo Drive + Few Features - Needed

    I need a Internal Drive Blu-Ray Combo DVD RW Lightscribe (BD Reader not Writer) Please Suggest a model.
  6. sujoyp

    [Want to Buy] Simple Ebook reader

    Hi guys , I want a cheap simple ebook reader just like kindle 6" . Budget 4k. you can contact me on and please send pics too.
  7. M

    [Want to Buy] external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and wifi dongle

    please suggest me value for money external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and Good Wi-Fi Dongle..
  8. vidhubhushan

    usb card reader not recognized

    problem of a friend: "i have 4 in 1 card reader. if i insert card reader directly in my pc it works, but if used with usb cable, it shows usb device not recognized error. i have 4 usb ports in back panel and 2 ports in front panel which is attached with the mother board. in front panel i...
  9. sahil1033

    Budget e-book reader

    I want a device to read e-books, it can be an e-book reader or a tablet too. But I want to go for a tablet as it will serve the purpose of tablet too, going for an e-book reader won't be a good choice. Anyways, I'm a bit confused, suggest something please.
  10. H

    Digg launching its RSS Reader on 26 June

    Recently, The news has surfaced the web that Digg is developing its own RSS Reader as an competitor to Google's Reader. Now, Digg has announced that it is launching the new Reader on June 26 for Everyone. Digg developers has said that the new Reader will come with great features such as...
  11. K

    Adobe reader installation is malware free?

    Hi Guys, I installed Adobe Reader 9 on Windows 7 ultimate. But there is a SEPARATE icon as “” on the DESKTOP. Does it contain any ADDWAR OR MALWARE OR ANYTHING THAT IS DANGEROUS TO SYSTEM?
  12. Richie Rich

    [HELP] Forgot Login Password of Windows 8

    My mom changed the password of her laptop but she forgot now. Usually she login with the help of finger print reader of hp laptop. Please help me out to change the password.
  13. Inceptionist

    Google to shut Reader web feed application, users vent

    R.I.P. Reader, you will be severely missed. :sad: Looking for alternatives. Free of course.
  14. V

    Windows 8 pdf reader

    I bought an ebook yesterday which I when tried opening, the inbuilt pdf reader in Windows 8 asked me for a password. I completeley rechecked the email confirmation but couldn't find any mention of the password. I have already sent an email to the customer care asking for the same. But now I just...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Any software problem in LAVA E-Tab Z7H Tablet

    If you are facing any software problem with your tablet or the tablet is not booting don't worry. You don't have to go to the LAVA Service Center. I am here to help you. Follow the following steps to format your tablet. It will remove everything from your tablet and make it as a new tablet like...
  16. ramakanta

    Program to open .djvu files?

    please help me how to open the .djvu extention file . i can't open this format ebook in adobe reader . Please any one help me. thank you. :-(
  17. sanny16

    Quantum usb card reader not working

    I purchased a usb card reader to read mini sd card from ebay. Today i tried reading it in all the usb ports of my laptop but it was not showing me the contents of the card instead a cd drive icon comes, when clicked on it , shows please insert a disk. I have attached the pic along with this...
  18. P

    Recover files

    I was browsing(on Windows 7) my camera's SDHC card, through a card reader, when suddenly the machine freezed, and the Windows Photo Viewer was not responding. So, I took out the card reader forcibly, and then the machine was fine. Only, this time when I insert the card reader along with the SDHC...
  19. rider

    Need A PDF File Reader Alternative To Adobe

    I need a .pdf file reader that should run smoother than adobe reader and has better user interface much like reading a real book. Thanks!
  20. B

    Best card reader to transfer data from PC to various devices..

    Hi all, Kindly suggest best card reader which support all card types that will allow data transfer data between 1. Laptop 2. Desktop 3. Android Phones 4 Tablets 5 External HDD etc. Thanks.
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