Recover files

I was browsing(on Windows 7) my camera's SDHC card, through a card reader, when suddenly the machine freezed, and the Windows Photo Viewer was not responding. So, I took out the card reader forcibly, and then the machine was fine. Only, this time when I insert the card reader along with the SDHC card, Windows 7 advises me to format the drive, as the filesystem is corrupted. When I insert the card into the camera, it does not recognize it.

The card reader is fine, and is in working condition.

So, is there a way to recover the files in the card. the files are very important.

P.S. : There are very precious pictures in the SDHC card. So, it is really important for me to recover.


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You can use Recuva for this. It will most probably recover files as you haven't written new data on it and also because your files are small.
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