Digg launching its RSS Reader on 26 June


Right off the assembly line
Recently, The news has surfaced the web that Digg is developing its own RSS Reader as an competitor to Google's Reader.

Now, Digg has announced that it is launching the new Reader on June 26 for Everyone. Digg developers has said that the new Reader will come with great features such as subscribing, sharing and saving articles that are enough to compete with Google.

Digg is also set to introduce an iPhone app for the Reader and in future may also launch an Android version.

Digg has announced the launch date after people has heard that Facebook is also launching its own RSS Reader at next week's event.


Broken In
Yup I also heard that....Eventually Digg will be launching it on 26th of June while Google is gonna shut down its own Google Reader on 1st July.....perfect timing for Digg....isn't it???
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