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Hi guys I own i5 based pc and I have faced a problem twice in last month.
Whenever I connect memory card via a card reader , amidst the data transfer the card reader loses connectivity and show error message your card needs to be formatted to proceed. This has occured twice, I changed my card and card reader but sstill problem persists,I lose all the pics from card. Please reply.


Try using a different USB port to connect with the card reader. Also use good card readers, local ones have caused me data loss a few times too.


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are you using a usb cable to connect the card reader with pc ? what all other usb devices you have ?


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The this may be the root of the problem. Try connecting the card reader directly with motherboard's USB port.


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I am using External USB cable which is connected from motherboard to connect the card reader .

Hi mandar5,

I agree with topgear. It might be the external USB cable port issue. I’d suggest you some basic troubleshooting steps. It may help you to solve the issue.


1) Try to connect directly to inbuilt USB MOBO port.
2) Check and update drivers in device manager.
3) Try to connect with different USB ports with the same computer.
4) Try to use different USB cable.
5) Try a different device to make sure that the problem is with the port and not with the PC.

Hope it helps.


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If everything else fails try using a powered USB port if you can get hold of one. USB devices are notorious for power related issues. A powered USB hub gets rid of the power issue.
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