[Want to Buy] Simple Ebook reader


Grand Master
Hi guys , I want a cheap simple ebook reader just like kindle 6" . Budget 4k.
you can contact me on sujoypp-at-gmail.com and please send pics too.


Wise Old Owl
see if its ok,i think its the old generation.new @4.7k manufacturer warranty
Amazon Kindle WI FI 6" Ereader Black | eBay


thanks nanducob ...I saw that before...but still trying my luck for any deal :D

Go for the kindle as nandu suggested, you may go for the paperwhite if you want darkness readability..
I own the older one and its basically the exactly the same thing as holding a book in my hands
Eink display trumps everything else regarding battery life and eye strain


The Vagrant Seeker
i know one, on sale. let me check if it falls in your budget and still on sale or not.

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PMed you.
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