1. Z

    What's wrong with the video card?

    My friend has a HP Elitebook 8460p. He ran System requirements lab for COD MW 2 and this is what it says. What's wrong? And also something's wrong in the Windows rating points. Isn't his graphic card good enough?
  2. M

    Which inverter to go for?

    I am in need of having computer backup (apc powerchute shows around 200W usage) for at least 8-12 hours for my work + a fan + a fluoroscent tube. (planning to get a pure sine wave one) What inverter rating and battery rating should I go for the above setting? 800va + 1500 ah...
  3. S

    Actual rating for Huntkey V series 550

    Hi. I bought a Huntkey V power PSU since the FSP Saga II was not available. The output power is rated as 550 watts, but I assume this was a mistake. It seems that the rating is really 450W, as can be seen on the new units. (I bought an older one. boo hoo hoo ) Is 450W enough to power a...
  4. R

    UPS (Uninterruptible_power_supply) and UPS battery Buying Advice? Help Digitians!!!

    Hi all! I have a Wipro emerge UPS (300Watt) (Model: WeP BNT 500-A) (it has two outputs, one for the PC & second for the monitor) , which came with my PC (Pentium-4) (Model: LG MyPC), which I bought few years back. Now it's gone crazy. It doesn't provide enough battery backup. Whenever there's a...
  5. codename_romeo

    Sony Vaio CW26FG Review

    Forgive me for any mistakes or ignorance on my part as this is my first take at writing a review on any laptop. Well let’s begin: Manufacturer: Sony Model: VPCCW26FG Colour: White Price: 56000 INR + 5000 (for additional one year warranty, optional) Detailed Configuration...
  6. A

    Want to upgrade PC

    I have a pentium D(2.66) processor on asus (p5rd1-VM) board with 2 Gibs of ram(DDR1) and 160Gibs HDD. I want to add a graphic card to my PC. My current system rating(win-7) is 2 and i want to make it 4. My processor and memory rating is 4.3 and HDD rating is 5.7 . Plz help me in choosing a good...
  7. rakz

    Windows Seven Rating

    I got a new system a month ago as follows MOBO-Biostar TA790GXB A2+ PROC_AMD PHENOM 2 X II 550 BE RAM-Transcend 2 GB DDR2 800 MHZ (jm800qlu-2g) My frnd also got the same system except that he got 2 gb of kingston ram. He gets his RAM rating in windows 7 as 6.7 and i get only 5.5. Why...
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Which power inverter to buy?

    Hi friends, Due to frequent power cuts in our locality in the range of 4-6 hrs daily combined with temperatures around 38-40 deg during daytimes, our family has decided to buy a power inverter. I have calculated the rating and I think inverters in the range of 600-700VA should be sufficient...
  9. Techn0crat

    How to find SMPS's Wattage and Power Rating?

    I have a year old PC with Circle Cosmo cabinet.Now I want to buy new HDD and want to add some fans.But the SMPS which came with cabinet has nothing on it except a barcode.How can I find it's Wattage and Power Rating?
  10. sujeet2555

    is Asus P5QL-EM a good mobo

    hi i was just upgrading my system and i play games a lot mostly high-end ones.i want to know is asus P5QL-Em (G43) is a good motherboard for 3.5k.i haven't find any reviews on this board.can any one have this one. For gfx card , is HD 4770 better option than 9800gt ? As forum suggetion goes to...
  11. M

    good music player

    hey guys.. bck on thinkdgt aftr a long time... a few days back i came across a wonderful OS ie "UBUNTU"....it is amazingly light and small in size. It has one of the best music players i have ever come across.... i hv somewhat of 20 gb of songs....and it took tht software just about 15...
  12. eggman


    Just check the rating
  13. M

    Need an AGP card for 667 MHZ P3 processor asus cuv4x motherboard

    Can anyone suggest an AGP card for 667 MHZ P3 processor, asus cuv4x motherboard, 768MB sdram,250 w power supply? what is the maximum rating of power supply i can connect to this config? what is maxm rating of AGP card that can be connected at this config pls give prices also . No plans on...
  14. Cool G5

    Nokia 5700 Xpress Music - My detailed Review

    NOKIA 5700 XPRESS MUSIC REVIEW Looks : The Nokia 5700 Xpress Music looks quite cool. This is a phone targeted at the youth. It won't suit business professionals or older people. The phone footprint is quite small. But still you can't call this a slim phone. I got the Black colour...
  15. girish.g

    n91-8GB for 10k

    source *www.compareindia.com/products.php?sectionid=23&pg=10&sortbyprice= Nokia-N91 (8GB)...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    Whts Your Windows Vista experience index?

    First of all let me explain what this Windows Vista experience index means ... Vista likes rating everything and telling you what you can and can’t run on your system, it’s very good at doing that. When you boot Vista for the first time, you get something called the “Welcome Center” which...
  17. ratzee199

    BIOSHOCK sound problem

    hi friends... yesterday I bought the Bioshock PC version (original...normal version...remember there are two version of this game NORMAL EDITION and COLLECTOR's EDITION with BIG DADDY figureine) and i rushed to my home. I installed this game..downloaded the latest patch from internet...
  18. shady_inc

    Why do some threads have ratings??

    In the tutorials sctions I saw several threads started by Vishal Gupta which had got 5-star ratings.Who can give this rating??I tried rating certain threads but they did not appear like in the case of aforementioned threads. Can a moderator clear this doubt?? :confused:
  19. max_demon

    rate the rating above your's!!!

    all discussions about 'rate the' threads :D else , l'ts discuss why so many rate the ... above your's threads are being created
  20. Y

    Blocked Sites

    in my college most of the sites are blocked. it shows this message You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy. URL: y11.biz/ Category: Proxy Avoidance To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please click here...
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