1. sourishzzz1234

    WANT MOTO RIZR Z3 review

    Please any body who has bought this cool phine give me a revie of this and it's total rating out of 10... Don't forget to mention the price please
  2. Third Eye

    Manhunt 2 banned in UK

    i am going to buy this game.:D Source
  3. Gigacore

    Rate the Signature Below Yours

    Rate the Signature Above Yours Stop Talking, Start Rating :D
  4. xbonez

    antec super lanboy

    what would be the approx cost of an antec super lanboy? does it come with a psu (what rating) and where in delhi can i get it?
  5. M

    How's it is possible

    give the rating to *refundhosting.com or www.fayada.com
  6. aryayush

    All comics related to technology. (Low bandwidth warning - lot of images!)

    Hello! This is going to be a fun thread. I love tech comics and am sure many people here do to. So, post any all the genuinely funny tech comics you come across in this thread for all of us to see. There are a few rules. Please adhere to them! It will be more fun if you do. [list]Please post...
  7. salilrane

    A Guide to Reshacking WMP11

    Fire up reshacker and open up the file located at the equivalent to: C:\Windows\System32\wmploc.dll After you remove something, make sure to hit "compile script" before saving the file to a new directory. Menus >Menu The File/View/Play/Tools/Help Drop Down Menu: >616>1033 The...
  8. mohammed_intekhab

    Best cd dvd burner software rating

    1//Easy media creator 2//power2go 3//instantcd/dvd 4//Burn to go 5//NTi cd dvd maker 6//CD mate 7//Nero 8//Alcohol120 9//virtuasa gold 10//pyro 11//clone cd 12//DVD movie factory 13//Acoustica cd dvd burner 14//Gear cd 15//Blind write 16//x copy I hope you like rating...
  9. aditya.shevade

    Windows Media Player Ratings need to be transfered

    Hi I want to transfer the files from one PC to other. The files are mp3, wma, wav and video files in mpeg format. I have given some rating to all the files. Now I want that rating to remain the same on the other PC also. What can I do? I am going to use Windows Media Player on both the...
  10. PCWORM

    Does Creative XI-FI Deliver ?...

    Creative xi-fi , the latest and greatest from creative is already acclaimed as the power performer from a no of reviewers around the world.. I Wanted all you members to give it a rating . Does it really give an immersing appeal with mp3s... Is it really the end for the search of a...
  11. N

    speaker woes

    i going to buy 2.1 speakers in just a few days. please help me choose a very good model from logitech or creative or altec lansing. which brand is good? please can you also mention the rms rating, SNR ratio and other ratings with a wired remote control. i'm looking for atleast 64W of rms rating...
  12. S

    pc game GODFATHER

    i like to know the views about godfather.is it similar to mafia.what are its minimum requirements.is it good.pease giving rating to it out of 5
  13. B

    Which UPS ?? What rating ??

    i would like to buy a new UPS for my PC.so i would like to know what rating to select .i hav been using a 500 va tvs ups so far.and i wuld be upgrading my pc shortly ,so will a 500 va ups be sufficient or should i go for a higher rating one . i might be upgrading to SLI based config .Also...
  14. rockthegod

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Discussion

    Prince of Persia Two Thrones : The last of the PoP trilogy is officially on stores today... and already the PS2 version has bagged a GAMESPOT USER RATING of 9.6 and the PC version with a USER rating of 9.8 !!!!!! The GAMESPOT reviewer's ratings are due!!! Dying hard 2 play this game ...
  15. Thor

    Find out ur PC Power Requirement... at... see 4 urself..

    Hello There.... Thinking abt buying a new PC, and...in a fix to find the Right Power Rating 4 ur PSU unit [Power Supply Unit] ... ? No Worry... All ur Woes at End at : *www.utcache.com/power.asp. Also More abt PC Colling and Power Soln.s. at : *www.pcpowercooling.com And a list...
  16. R

    [Discussion]Favorite Software

    This is the best topic thread to discuss about your most commonly used software in day-to-day life and how are they your favorites and also rate them. My Favorite Software/Tools/Utilities :: ::Mozilla Firefox:: Mozilla Firefox is THE most valuable tool in my computer today and will...
  17. Desmond

    Do you follow the ESRB rating strictly???

    Hi guys, I'm sick of this ESRB rating on games (E,T,M,blah,blah). Do you follow it strictly while playing? I don't. I completed Half Life (1), without taking a second look at the ESRB rating (M). Happy Fraggin!
  18. mohit


    I am driving the ford mustang and i am not able to achieve the 6 star rating for my card despite trying everything. i have modified it completely with all the available highest rated unlocked options in all the shops but my rating is still around 5.25 . I require a 6 star rating to complete coal...
  19. R

    What is TRP Rating?????????

    What is this TRP rating? :?: I heard many times about TRP , which as per i know popularity rating. But i cant just imagine how they will rate or calculate?? How ill they come to know who is watching , how many of watching...!!! :roll: :idea: Ok about websites, yes I know how we can...
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