1. S

    Why do we see both good & bad reviews for the same product in online shopping sites?

    We have seen product ratings from 1 to 5 for the same product in online shopping sites right? Why is it so? How come the same product is best for some & worst for others?
  2. Desmond

    Rate your ISP

    Hi, I am creating this thread so that people can rate their experiences with their ISPs. I encouraged posters to be as verbose as possible when writing a summary of their experiences. Also, I recommend that posters post their own experiences with the ISP they are *currently* using and not for...
  3. M

    Which battery to buy for my HP Pavilion 15-E002AU laptop.

    Hi My dead laptop battery says this - "PI06 Notebook Battery, REPLACE WITH HP SPARE 710416-001." It also has 10.8V 47Wh written over it. Now, I've found a new battery for my laptop. Here's the link: Genuine HP PI06 710416-001 Pavilion 14-E000 15-E000 15t 15z Battery 11.1v 62Wh But the power...
  4. T

    Xiaomi Piston 3 comparison?

    I've been reading about these and people are giving them 9 rating. Are they better than T-peos tank popular, Soundmagic E10, VSD3S ?
  5. .jRay.

    Seller Query Reliable Seller to buy an expensive watch??

    The Seller Wrist Dãƒâ‰Cor Does anyone have an experience buying from him? He has a rating of 4/5 Are his watches Original?
  6. S

    Help in buying air conditioner

    I changed my room and i wanna buy a new ac for my new room , my room is about 210 sq foot , i wanna know if 1 ton ac would be sufficient for my room or not? (I want window ac for this room) I wanna buy one more ac for another room which is about 180 sq foot . (I want split ac for this room)...
  7. kaz

    Review Your Apps/Games Here !!!!

    Review Your Apps/Games Here [All Platforms] !! There are so many threads discussing which is a better device based on hardware. But its the apps installed on the phone which makes it stand out from other. So this is where we will be putting the apps/games which we find worth sharing. Rules...
  8. Thor

    My First Userscript : Imdb actor films rating viewer

    Hi Guys, I just created my first ever Userscript! Userscript are java scripts which can be hosted inside Greasemonkey add on and run on specific sites to get custom behavior / functionalities. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/177793 The above is the script I made. It does the following ...
  9. avinandan012

    Positive Experience Bought WD Green 3TB- Hyd

    Hyderabad - Bought WD Green 3TB I bought a WD Green 3TB WD30EZRX. Price : Pricing was excellent most online/offline I visited was offering above 8K, but snapdeal offer 7690 & I am sold. Rating 5/5. Quality of packaging : It came in a sealed anti static bag. Over that was 7 buble wrapped sheet...
  10. T

    Recommendations for a TV Show

    Recommend a TV show. It must be in the Drama genre and must have a very high IMDb rating. Thanx.
  11. shreeux

    Best Split A/C 1.5 ton with 5 star rating?

    I like to buy split ac please suggest below 35k...
  12. digit06

    windows 8 rating problem

    hey guys I just installed windows 8 from windows 7 and in windows 7 I was have a rating for 3d business for gaming and graphics performances I was having 4.4 and for aero performance I was having 3.5 but now In windows 8 please tell how to increase it My system specs: Intel Core 2 duo...
  13. a_k_s_h_a_y

    UPS about 600 VA

    hey guys recommend a good UPS with about 600VA rating..! budget is < 4k
  14. R

    AMD Cool n Quiet query

    What is AMD Cool n Quiet feature?? What are pros and cons of this feature?? Should i ran pc with Cool n Quiet on or off?? First time i rate the pc the score of processor is 7.3 but after re rating it shows only 4.7:cry: i tried many times with cool n quiet off but it fixed to 4.7, how to...
  15. desiJATT

    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Review

    So guys, as some of you know I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 on 31st of July, Here's a detailed review for the same. The specifications of the device - Specification Courtesy GSMArena. Package The packaging was very basic, with the box being very small. Very surprising to see that...
  16. M

    Question about UPS

    What is the main factor that determines the performance of a UPS? Is it the VA rating, the number of batteries or something else? Someone recommended a friend of mine to buy a "double battery" UPS as it supposedly gives more backup time than single battery UPS no matter the rating. Is this true?
  17. B

    Need some gyan on 'actual' EER ratings and also suggestions for an AC

    Hello guys, I'm actually confused between the EER (BTU/hw) and COP (w/w) and wondering which one is used to give bee star rating. Can you please provide me some insight on the same? Many companies try to highlight the EER ratings, but still their BEE star rating is low. What should be the...
  18. K

    Toshiba L750-X5318 Review

    Hi Guys, This is my first review of the product so apologies for any mistakes. After doing lot of thinking. I finally bought the Toshiba L750-X5318. WHY Toshiba ? As working in IT Industry, knew that Toshiba makes one of the most reliable products in the industry (fingers crossed for mine...
  19. V

    Suggestions for a new AC for bedroom

    I am planning to buy a split AC for bedroom.It is a regular sized bedroom.I need suggestions on the following: 1) Which tonnage value to choose? 2) Which brand? 3) Which energy star rating is more ideal?.I came to know that better energy star rating means less energy consumption but more...
  20. D

    I need to opt one among the 3

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V or HTC Desire S or Samsung Galaxy S I9003 I want the overall rating for it..
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