1. S

    Does anyone own a lenovo z50 with 840m 4GB? What real world framerates of games are you getting?

    Here are the frame rates of some games by notebookcheck.net - http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-840M.105681.0.html I am curious about its real world performance.
  2. K

    Rare Dilema-BSNL OR IDEA

    Hi! I have shifted to a new society in Pune! Due to strict rules of society!There are no mobile towers allowed! So only two connectivity options are available!I will be MNP from Vodafone!Tured of it scrap services ! Now for BSNL my whole family is on BSNL and call rates data packages are...
  3. d3p

    [Guide] How to make CS:GO run at effective 120/144Hz & Other FAQ's ?? [56k warning]

    Well, its close to 10-11 months since i started playing CS GO & now i find it much addictive than any other games around. This Guide will help users to achieve a much smoother gameplay with any Quad Core, decent graphics card & lastly with 120Hz or 144Hz panels. Also might be helpful, if you...
  4. ssdivisiongermany1933

    RCom raises 3G internet rate by 26%,cuts benefits by 60%

    Telecom operator Reliance Communications has increased 3G mobile internet rates by 26 percent and reduced benefit on internet packages by up to 60 percent. The company has increased the cost of 1 GB of 3G internet usage to Rs 156 from Rs 123 it charged earlier. The Rs 123 mobile internet pack on...
  5. sam.dg

    How is the Spice Stellar Mi-1010?

    As an entry level 10" tablet at 13k this seems pretty good to me. The downside is however the lack of Bluetooth and relatively low screen resolution (1280×800)! FoneArena rates this tablet quite high. Is there any user of this tablet here? Please share your views.
  6. Sujeet

    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Biggest News coming this evening Source LOL Today itself when i went to recharge store for routine recharge The guy informed me that Airtel 3G Prices has dropped realising that i am one of the regular customer of 3G Coupons and I went freaky. Bought 7 ,11rs Cards right away.(~80rs)...
  7. N

    Portable hard drive

    I want to buy a portable hard drive of capacity 500gb to 700gb with usb2.0 connectivity. Plzz tell some options with their rates. my budget is till 6000.
  8. H

    Postpaid Roaming Plan

    Hi all, I live in Delhi and I want to change my prepaid number to postpaid. As i travel a lot, i want to have national roam plan in which i can call local and STD at cheap rates while raoming. incoming free will be preferable but cheap incoming will do. Will be using GPRS/3G as per...
  9. Artemis

    Boosts performance, but by how much?

    I have an Athlon X4 635 running on a Asus 785G Pro board with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. I have hardly used the PC, but now that I'm quite jobless for the next two weeks and planning to relive those glorious nights playing FEAR and only for that I'm planning to buy my friends old 8600GT for maybe...
  10. Rockstar11

    What's Your SNR Ratio and Attenuation Rates? (BSNL Broadband)

    SNR ratio is your line strength. The more the better. Too many joints, old telephone wire and noisy neighborhoods can bring down your SNR rates. 0-10 - very bad 10-20 - little bad 20-30 - good 30-40 - excellent 40-50 - congratulations, you live right next to the exchange Attenuation is the...
  11. H

    Graphics card buying

    hello I want to buy a graphics card under 2k to 3.5k I should be able to play all games [if possible] at playable frame rates. IF not possible i only wana play POP forgotten sands, POP [2008] , GTA 4 at Mid settings
  12. R

    Buying an assembled computer for 30k

    I don't require a monitor, speaker, mouse, keyboard and hard disk as I already have all of it. Budget is 30k as mentioned in the title. I've gone through the rates and all and came up with one which I think might be the best. AMD phenom II X4 925 Biostar TA790GXE 128M 4 GB RAM...
  13. V

    Speed Problem(Same upload and download speed)

    i have been using MTNL broadband for almost two years, and everything was fine until last month, there was some problem with earthing of the connection, but, since then i get same upload and download speed(download-130kbps and upload-130kbps) while before this problem, i used to get...
  14. Admirer Of Digit

    Reliance or Airtel or Voda

    Discuss... here as per ur personal experience which one is the best gsm service provider .. out of these three.. in terms of -service network -call dropping -call rates -apps -3g or not -infrastructure -xtra facilities -others(please specify) ... Njoy... and get to know the best mobile...
  15. IronManForever

    Which antivirus for old PCs?

    Uh, having faced tough time without an Anti-virus (and I thought I could chug along!), I have finally fallen to my senses. What's the perfect Anti-Virus/Internet Security suite that: 1. has low system requirements and performs well on minimum hardware, 2. has good detection rates (I dont...
  16. M

    Need Suggestions for PrePaid Plan in Maharashtra !!!

    Well as the title says i need a new prepaid connection ....I searched for the plans on the websites of operators but couldn't make head or tail out of it .... I need lower call rates for local calls on all mobiles ..... looking at Airtel friendz but are there any other plans ....
  17. ganeshravi

    Problem while Gaming

    hi, i currently switched to Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and upgraded my RAM from 2 to 4GB(Transcend 2x2GB 800Mhz DDR2). my problem is tat GRID(my favorite game!) fetches me very low frame rates at all display settings maxed out(reminds me the days of playing NFS Most Wanted...
  18. ajai5777

    Current rates of lcds?

    Pls give me the rates. 17" and 19" wide screen samsung dell lg viewsonic benq azuz also suggest which brand is best. i personally prefer samsung or dell
  19. Q

    Performence problem ! ! !

    hii , i hav a AMD phenom x4 9950(black) AMD 790GX - Gigbyte ATI - 4870 - Sapphire Corsair 750watt - SMPS 4GBram - 2x2 , transcend 800mhz Cooler master - 590 Segate 500GB hello , though i have a gaming configuration , im getting very low frame rates , even at 1024x768 resolution , and games...
  20. raksrules

    Which online share trading account to go for ??

    I currently use ICICI direct for my online share trading account, but their rates are quite high so i am planning to migrate to some other service provider. Please suggest me another good option preferably with information like rates etc. I only know two other companies sharekhan and india infoline
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