1. techtronic

    All You Wanted to know about RAID

    Source : * Just Enjoy :)
  2. go_gamez

    what exactly is a RAID hard disk ?

    what exactly is RAID HDD. does it refer only to the HDD..or to the filesystem ? till now i have only seen the most commonly used FAT32. and NTFS file systems..but have only heard of RAID. it always makes me wonder what it is ? is RAID faster than FAT32 and NTFS HDD ?? then why isn't it used...
  3. T

    load windows Xp pro in server machine???

    hi, can it be possible to load windows xp pro in server machine??? we have one server (HCL infinite global line) which was loaded with windows 2000 server std edn. as our office has got a new windows 2003 server and all the works are transferred to it, this server lies idle. as working on...
  4. kichu_overclocked

    help!!!!! RAID !!!!!

    hello everyone, i was trying to set up raid 0 in my comp....but smhow things got screwed says that some file is c0rrupt in the floppy in which i hav the raid drivers.....i m using nvdia raid setup tool which comes with my asus a8n-sli mb, n i created the driver disk using...
  5. R

    which is better? MSI-RS482IL or asusA8N-VM CSM

    which is better for playing latest games (like DOOM3 , FEAR,POP ) MSI-RS482IL or asusA8N-VM CSM the asus board has NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6150 GPU {The NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6150 GPU Northbridge supports Microsoft® DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, dual VGA out ( DVI-D and RGB), NVIDIA®...
  6. A

    Want info on Raid 0...Raid 5

    Can anyone provide an advanced tute on RAID Thanx in advance.
  7. J

    Go for Raid or not

    hi guys wannted to know that is single 160 gb harddisk better or should i go for two 80 gb hdd in raid configuration.
  8. patkim

    Queries about RAID

    I just wanted to understand bit about RAID. I am wondering what makes RAID possible? Is it the Motherboard, HDD, and /or some software/driver etc. Is this in any way related to SATA? Thanks..
  9. P

    RAID help

    What is a RAID controller? If i have a motherboard which has inbuilt raid support then is it neccessary to have seperate raid controller?plz provide any useful website to understand raid completly. :wink:
  10. D

    iPod Shuffle RAID

    So, what do you do when you and some friends are all getting iPod Shuffles? You make a RAID array out of them, of course! Follow along as we explore new depths of geekery… So, here we have our iPod Shuffles, all the top of the line 1Gb models. I’m sure that normal folks would probably...
  11. D


    hey guys i have two seagate hard disks . one is 80 gb and the other one is 40 i am using windows xp pro . i have connected both the hard disks but how do i let the system take them as a single disk . how to setup RAID . someone please enlighten me .
  12. S

    Intel application accelerator or Matrix or whatever

    Is there no optimizer for south bridge intel ICH6 I couldnt find it .PLZ help. I have SATA HDD but no raid .How is that ?? explain PLZ :?:
  13. yogi7272

    raid 0 query

    HI PEOPLE, I have a 40 gb seagate 5400 rpm 2 mb buffer pata hdd and 200 gb 7200 rpm 8 mb buffer sata hdd . Now I want to add another 40 gb pata hdd to use it with the existing one in raid 0 configuration . Should i get a 5400 rpm drive or 7200rpm will also work ? I have searched the forum...
  14. J

    what are these RAID, FIREWIRE

    HI FRIENDS I want to know what is RAID and what is the significance of 0 and 1 with it? also what is FIREWIRE?
  15. doom_marine

    Can We RAID With Different Capacity Hard Disks

    I have a 80 GB SATA and a 160 GB SATA can i Put them in a RAID 0 setup??
  16. S


    Hi I have HCL Beanstalk P4 1.9 Ghz, 256 MB Ram, 40 GB Samsung hard disk, mother make is MSI ms-6714. I have one extra 40 GB Sigate hard disk spare and i want to use this hard disk as RAID 0 to increase performance. How can i do that :?: Am i need extra hardware or software for this :?: pse...
  17. G

    Win XP sata harddisk install : C0000218 error

    Dear friends I tried installing the Windows XP (with SP2) on my new system (AMD 64 3000+ (939 pin), MSI RS 480 M2-IL, Samsung 80 GB Sata, 2X 256MB RAM (Dual Channel). During install I am getting error STOP: error C0000218 unknown hard error. What is the possible reason for it ? Do I need to...
  18. The Incredible

    Extension or Extra-Tension

    Hey do any1 of u know that how 2 open files with .sw , .db formats. also can some 1 xplain the meanings of following: VFM Core Voltage RAID RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 0+1 IDE RAID ECC memory Hardware T & L FSB FSR IP ISP Proxy Ethernet PCMCIA Cards :oops: too much
  19. T

    RAID: Permutation & combinations???

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this forum so please enlighten me on this issue even if it sounds silly..... :roll: I've read so much about raid (0, 1 0+1) these days but never come across any article which has mentioned setting up a RAID of more than two questions are...
  20. S

    Help Me Setup RAID

    I have a Intel 915GAV Board with a 3GHZ proccessor i wondered if the board supports RAID and if it does could someone be kind enough to give me a step by step method the do it please Thanks in advance P.S. I have 2 160GB SATA hard disks
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