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    How to create a Software RAID

    Is software raid through windows xp better than hardware raid???how to create software raid in windows xp and linux (fedora core 1/2)??? is there any prformance increase whencompared to simple HDD's performance??? one more question in nforce3/4 mobo one can combine a PATA HDD and a SATA...
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    RAID drivers

    I would like to get the raid drivers for my intel 915GAV motherboard so i can setup RAID by pressing F6 in windows XP I would like to learn how to setup raid i have two 160GB SATA hard disk Would like to learn the step by step method
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    Setting up Linux on RAID Disks

    Hi guys I got a SATA RAID Card today and tried to load debian on to it but the problem is that the distro does not recognise the sata disks has any one tried doing this ? The card is a ST Lab card using Si 3112A controller and i use seagate 160GB X 2 disk in RAID 1 Configration(actually i have...
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    Single 160 GB or 80 x 2 in RAID

    Hi. i am buying a new pc. now i require a little bit help from u guys. which setup of hard disk is better. a single 160gb sata or 2 80 gb sata hdds in a raid array. i want to squeeze the maximum performance out of my system. also are onboard raid controller sufficient for the purpose
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    raid issues on intel 865 gbf

    sir; i have intel 865 gbf bobo which supports sata drive but not raided ide drive can i buy a pci ide raid controller to set hard disks in raid if so which company from where and for how much?
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    I hav two samsung 40gb harddisks in raid array-stripping on asus intel 865 motherboard. I/windows think my HDD has developed bad sectors i just downloaded spinrite5 and ran it with a bootable disk but it cannot see my hard disk :(. 1)I want to know that is there any way to make spinrite...
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    RAID and IDE

    I am planning to implement RAID 0 using 2 harddisks. Before formatting the harddisks for RAID, I have to take backups of my data to another harddisk. I cannot use CDs for backups as the files (video files in .avi format) are quite large and can not fit in CDs. After implementing RAID, can I...
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