1. H

    SATA Hard Disk Problem....

    Hi, I have 500GB SATA Seagate Hard Disk and an ASUS P5Q Pro Mobo. Last day, I had changed the setting in BIOS for my Hard Disk. I had changed the mode of use of my Hard Disk from IDE to RAID. There are a three options IDE, RAID and AHCI. But after that my PC stopped booting. I got the...
  2. george101

    Indian hacker brain behind biggest cyber-heist

    An unknown Indian hacker is being charged with the greatest cyber-heist in history for allegedly helping a criminal gang steal identities of an estimated eight million people in a hacking raid that could ultimately net more than £2.8 billion in illegal funds. visit...
  3. ring_wraith

    Questions about RAID 0

    Thanks to the combination of my unlimited connection and Bitorrent, I find my 160GB Hard Disk Filled to the brim with eh... ah... cough..Linux Distros. So i thought, why not get another HDD?? So i am going to buy another 160GB HDD. But I have a few questions first: 1) I wanted to set up a...
  4. nvidia

    AMD's 790GX Platform Officially Launched

  5. tuxfan

    Vista Business -- SP1 or not?

    Has anyone installed Service Pack 1 on Vista Business? Any problems? Any improvements in performance? I have a licensed Vista business with RAID1 set up as file and net connection server. I have to re-install RAID card drivers after almost every major upgrade. Vista can't find RAID card, it...
  6. crs_cwiz

    RAIDing hard-disks with data

    Hey guys! I have two hard-disks, both WD3200KS, and i have the P5N32-E SLi mobo. I already have data stored on these hardisks - 5 total partitions and 3 windows installations to be precise, besides lots of movies, songs and games. (both hdd about half-filled) I got myself another hard-disk...
  7. N

    Problem setting up RAID 1 on XFX 650i Ultra

    Hi, Just got a new system, with the following configuration. MoBo XFX 650i Ultra Video Card XFX 8600GT 256MB RAM Transcend 1GB HDD WD SATA2 160GB * 2 MS Windows XP 32 SP2 (+Intel C2D E6550 + DVD/RW * 2 + FDD, etc.) Trying to setup RAID 1 (Mirror) with the two HDDs. Changed the settings in...
  8. Faun

    RAID explained visually

  9. The_Devil_Himself

    RIAD help

    I am planning to purchase a new hard disk and I was thinking of putting it in raid configuration with my existing hd.But I don't know much about RAID.My existing hd is WD 80gb sata 7200rpm.Do i need to buy hd with same capacity or company to enable raid?I was planning to buy a seagate 250gtb...
  10. S

    Help - A cheap RAID 5 box: Network Attached Storage

    Hi guys, To secure my ever expanding collection of movies, I'm planning on building a RAID 5 box for network storage. My aim is to be cheaper than Buffalo Terastation 1TB [*] viz about 680 $ (27 - 29 K) Here are the basic things I have in mind: 1. 256 - 512...
  11. piyushp_20

    Setting up RAID 0+1 (great tutorial)

    You're sold. You want a RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks/drives). Maybe you've witnessed the phenomenal speed of a RAID 0, or perhaps you want the safety net of immediate data backup that a RAID 1 offers. In any case, you're ready to take the plunge. (See other "How To Install"...
  12. R

    Question about motherboard

    I want to puchase the below mentioned motherbrd Asus P5B Deluxe Asus P5W DH delux DO these boards support PATA raid coz i have 2 x 160GB PATA HDD in raid on my old motherboard and want to transfer those on to the new C2D motherboard
  13. bbalegere

    SATA RAID Confusion and Optical Drive Confusion

    I am planning to buy a new computer with the motherboard Asus P5B-VM This motherboard according to Asus website has the following connectors for storage If I buy 2 80GB SATA Seagate HDD(internal) can I do RAID Striping to boost performance? If yes to which port should it be connect to...
  14. R

    suggest me sata2 hdd for RAID 0

    Either I buy raptors if any available here in delhi or suggest me sata 2 hdd for setting up raid 0. this is my 1st time setting & using raid 0 & want to know before how much speed gain will I have & what about the system backup in case it gets down & raid needs to be rebuilt. any software...
  15. F

    PCI RAID Card

    PCI SATA Adapters / PCI RAID Card I need to buy a PCI SATA extender / RAID card for my aging PC. I need one with 2 or more SATA connectors, since my mobo does not have a SATA connector. I want this on an Intel Original 845WN mobo. This card will be used only for connecting a SATA/SATA-II hard...
  16. g_suresh_mps

    Is it possible to add Exta HDD on MY PC

    i Have Intel 865 GBF MBOarD it has 2 SATA ports they are occupied by 160 Seagate SATA & 300 Seagate SATA now planning to add 320 Seagate SATA (PCI SATA RAID CARD 4 SATA PORT) is it Possible to add Extra HDD both are Full that`s why ... adding More Hdd`s may cause any problem...
  17. Kniwor

    Seagate 2 x 80Gb SATA II Almost new HDD's

    Ok, Here's what I am selling, Two 80Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA II HDD's The HDD's are Bought on 12-Jan-2007,and are barely 40 days old, both are Identical and bought same time. Which means they are still under 5 years waranty approx. Both are in perfect condition, not used much. Market...
  18. chahal63

    nVidia nforce4 raid driver for vista32....?????

    I have msi-k8ngm2 amd athlon 64 sata 160 gb nvidia nforce4 raid controller I am trying to install vista 32 i already have xp sp2 on c: When I start installation Vista setup needs raid drivers for my chipset nForce 410/430.I have provided raid drivers come with my motherboard.But as...
  19. blackleopard92

    RAID 0 and linux

    i have SATA HDD's on RAID 0. win XP is installed on these, with some space left for linux install. however, ubuntu 6.10 shows 2 unformatted HDD's when i try to install it, while there should be a single RAID 0 device. does any other distro suport RAID 0? or is there any way to install ubuntu.
  20. morpheusv6

    Raid 0

    I have 2 80 GB SATA Drive and want to connect them in RAID config. Could you please explain to me how this to be done? My Motherboard is: Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9...
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