1. Sacchu

    RAID Combinations

    I've read so much about RAID (0,1,5,6,10) but have a few questions with setting up a RAID different types of disks : 1) while creating RAID combination can different types of disks be used. Eg- 512 GB HDD 7500 rpm and 512GB SATA SSD or is it that both the type of drives should be same. 2)...
  2. Zangetsu

    [Satire] CBI raids Kejriwal's house, shocking recoveries made

    Recently CBI conducted a raid at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence on orders of centre govt. The stuff CBI recovered in this raid not only left them shocked but also left PM Modi teary eyed. Find out what all was recovered. Source: CBI raids Kejriwal's house, shocking recoveries made- The...
  3. B

    Laptop Software RAID 0 with Optical Caddy HDD+Internal, How good?

    Hello everyone, I am using HP p028TX as my primary laptop, Reviewed here- [Honest Review] HP P028TX Laptop Review [Core i3 1.9Ghz, 4GB ram, 1TB HDD, Nvidia 830M 2GB, Beats] | NotebookRevie The laptop is Mostly used For Photo/Videos and Gaming. The laptop came with 1TB HDD and I am lately...
  4. T

    Suggestion needed: Intel Mobo with RAID

    Friends Is there a Intel Mobo with RAID in the 5-6K budget range? I am looking for 4 RAM slots also. HDMI port is +/-. I have found the latter two conditions satisfied in a couple of boards (H81/B85) etc., But they lack RAID. But when I move to RAID, the price climbs up to 10K or so. (like...
  5. G

    Storage solution for my movies for easy accessibility

    Hey folks, I have 2 TB of movies, TV shows and few personal snaps. Movies and TV shows are all downloaded from internet and i dont like to delete them. I have them stored in 4 internal HDDs. I need to have a way to Store all these media content properly and back it properly. Easily access...
  6. Akira

    The End for Pirate Bay?

    Pirate Bay down worldwide. Police in Sweden carried out a raid in Stockholm today, seizing servers, computers, and other equipment. At the same time The Pirate Bay and several other torrent-related sites disappeared offline. Although no official statement has been made, TF sources confirm...
  7. pranav0091

    Motherboard with Raid 0 supoort

    Guys, I want to buy a motherboard with Raid 0 + Sata 3 + USB 3 + 1600MHz DDR3 with XMP + Intel 1150 socket + as cheap as possible. I narrowed down to Error 500 Server Error but the description on the manufacturer side leaves me with confusion. On one side it says that it has support for Raid...
  8. P

    best ssd under 15k?

    hello. im looking to upgrade my pc and was hoping that the forum would help me get the best SSD under 15k. i dont know much about setting them up though. is it possible to set up an SSD and an HDD in raid 0 ? im currently using 2 seagate 1 tb HDDs and would like the add the ssd to my setup...
  9. B

    PC Failed- Confused about Purchases (Gaming Machine)

    Hello everyone! I am a long time reader of DIGIT and a many times contest winner. After 7 years of Faithful service, my trusted PC died a silent death last week. The Board and the CPU are not responding. I sent both to service center, but repairs are unstable and it makes no sense to invest in...
  10. B

    SATA Configuration keeps reverting back from RAID to IDE automatically.

    Hi, I have the following installed: Mobo: ASUS P5Q PRO Hard drives: 1. Seagate 500GB 7200rpm SATA 2 3.5" HDD 2. Seagate 500GB 7200rpm SATA 2 2.5" HDD Above HDD are configured in RAID 0 from June 2013 onwards. Installed OS is Windows 7 HP SP1 64bit. I have been...
  11. curioustechy

    RAID configured high performance PC

    We are planning to buy a high end system for our office... We are not interested in a server, but the purpose is almost that required of a server. Around 20 computers will be connected to this system. A lot of storage space is required for storing a lot of files. A tailor made web based content...
  12. krishnandu.sarkar

    Web Server @ Around 30-40k

    Hello, As mentioned in the Thread Title, our company is looking for setting up a Linux Server within our office premises within 30 -40k Please note that I'm not filling up the Questionnaire as I'm not looking for General PC. Here's what I have selected : HP ProLiant ML110 G7 E3-1220 HP...
  13. liverpoolfcfan

    need a homeNAS server

    hello friends i just am going to build a homeNAS server so i need some inputs from you my requirements 1. at least 12TB STORAGE 2. MY BUDGET IS AROUND 40K & out of subject my question is what is the diff betwwen raid0 ,raid5 & raid 10 why raid0 is worst & why raid 10 is best?:-?:-?
  14. ajayritik

    Is it ok to have 3-4 SATA HDD used at same time

    I have 3 SATA HDD and one IDE HDD which I have connected to my desktop. I have data in all of these drives. Is this setup ok I heard the term RAID but not sure if that applies here. Just worried that accessing mutiple HDD will affect the HDD performance in the long run.
  15. pratik385

    ThePirateBay sinked?

    Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP ? The Register doomed :(
  16. abhinavmail1

    Need HDD repair shop address in kolkata

    Guys day before yesterday my brother's 3.5 inch segate sata hdd develops bad sector ,he recovers d data and he purchased new hdd but he wants to get it repaired so he setup raid 0.he lives in kolkata
  17. Sujeet

    Another raid on the Pirate Bay.

    Authorities are said to be gearing up for another raid on the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay was last raided in 2006, which led to the conviction of the four Pirate Bay founders.
  18. sukesh1090

    running ubuntu 11.04 along with win 7 in RAID 0 array

    Guys i want to run Ubuntu 11.04 in dual boot with win 7.I am having my 2 HDDs in RAID 0 array.once i tried with Ubuntu 10.10 live CD and after restart it just disabled the RAID,then i needed to enable the RAID again in BIOS and then i was able to boot in to win is there any way i can dual...
  19. sukesh1090

    enabling RAID 0 with seagate 500GB and samsung 1000GB

    guys today i got a 1000GB samsung HDD(7200RPM,3GB/S,32MB cache) and i tried to enable RAID 0 with these two with maximum storage as 1000GB but the windows 7 in my old seagate refuses to boot and even after doing startup repair it won't start.both the disk are shown and usable in windows 7...
  20. monyud

    ASUS G74SX or MSI GT780DX?

    I cant decide which one to buy........ Both these models have same config but..... Asus has good build, looks with a GTX 560m but has got no raid support. MSI has a GTX 570m and RAID 0 support but i'm not so sure about its build and definitely asus's G74 looks better. So, is the GT780DX's...
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