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Name a game that supports 5.1 dolby sound

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In the zone
Can you name a recent FPS game which supports true 5.1 dolby digital sound?
No racing or flight simulator please.


Wise Old Owl
Doom III has 5.1 sound. Not sure if it was true dolby digital. I think even Half-Life 2 had multi-channel surround support.


Wise Old Owl
Doom 3
Half Life II
Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault
Far Cry

there are many more .. but i dont precisely remember those ....


Broken In
Nowadays almost all games support multichannel sound but they are not dolby digital. For that you would require the sound to be encoded in Dolby digital and you would require an external decoder to decode it. I think a sound card was just released by a company which encodes the multichannel sound from the games into Dolby in real time and outputs it as a Dolby stream thru SPDIF.
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